The world is made up of some beautiful places. If, like me, you feel a sense of wanderlust, then you need to see the following places.

1. Glowworm Caves, New Zealand

In Waitomo, New Zealand, thousands of these little bugs light up caves, making for an amazing boat ride for tourists.

2. Tower Bridge, England

This London landmark helps tourists cross the Thames river. Although the bridge doesn't seem too special in the daytime, it's one of the most popular places to visit in England.

3. Guaita Tower, Italy

Resting at the top of Monte Titano, the Guaita Fortress is the oldest of three castles overlooking the city of San Marino. Besides its historical value, it looks straight from a Disney movie.

4. Red Beach, China

Not all beaches are sandy, and the Red Beach in China acts as that exception. Instead of sand, this body of water is surrounded by color-changing seepweed, a plant native to the area, giving it its bright crimson shade.

5. Pulpit Rock, Norway

Featuring a hiking trail and a beautiful view, Pulpit Rock is a breathtaking place to visit in Norway.

6. Fisherman's Bastion, Hungary

Built in the late 19th to early 20th century, this ornate castle acted as a landmark created to celebrate Hungary's 1000th birthday.

7. Valley of Lights, Italy

Val Trompia is a valley in northern Italy extending over 50 km. Besides the captivating lights, this area also holds many fairs and festivals.

8. Albuquerque Balloon Fest, New Mexico

The annual festival in Albuquerque has events all day long for eight days of fun.

9. Four Corners, New Mexico

Although small, this brass setting marks a unique landmark in the USA where four states meet.

10. Monti Sibillini National Park, Italy

Comprised of eighteen towns and beautiful wildlife, the national park provides both the charm of a national park and Italian culture.

11. Thor's Well, Oregon

This sinkhole on the Oregon coast, although dangerous, is amazing to see, especially during high tide.

12. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

This breathtaking drop is measured at over 700 feet and also features a hiking trail for the full experience.

13. Painted Hills, Oregon

Another famous Oregon landmark is the Painted Hills. The colors come from the clay that covers this area, which changes colors based on the level of moisture and light on the given day.

14. Toji Temple, Japan

This temple in Kyoto is still standing from its foundation in the late 700s.

15. Walkaway Above the Trees, South Africa

The bridge, made of steel and wood, takes tourists on a one-of-a-kind trip through the trees of Cape Town, South Africa.

16. Sunwapta Falls, Canada

The captivating falls are located in Canada's Jasper National Park. The falls received their name from a native Canadian term for "turbulent water."

17. Rakotzbrucke, Germany

The German Bridge creates a perfect circle with its reflection in the water. This seemed so spectacular to the people of Germany that they called it the "Devil's Bridge" because something this perfect could have only been made by Satan himself.

18. The Crystal Palace, Spain

This monument was created out of glass and metal in 1887.

19. The Wisteria Tunnel, Japan

The purple tunnel of flowers is best to see in April or May while the plants are in full bloom.

20. Vajdahunyad Castle, Hungary

Besides the building itself, the castle also home to various exhibitions and festivals in Budapest.

21. Lake Hillier, Australia

Due to the presence of many microorganisms, the lake is permanently pink, but safe to swim in.

22. Floating Latern Festival, Thailand

The annual festival takes place in November in northern Thailand, and tickets are on sale for about a year ahead of time. If you plan to go, act fast before they are sold out, is this is a popular event.

23. The Glass Beach, Hawaii

This seaglass covered place is located on the island of Kawaii. Although it is not ideal for swimming, it is beautiful to visit, especially during a sunrise or sunset.

24. Winter Carnival, Canada

In Quebec, the Carnival d'Hiver is something that can't be missed. From frozen treats to giant castles made of snow and ice, it's a unique tourist experience.

25. Ronda, Spain

With a bridge joining two sides of town, Ronda is visually stunning.