How To Celebrate Christmas in New York City
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How To Celebrate Christmas in New York City

Let Christmas shine every December!

How To Celebrate Christmas in New York City

I love New York City. And I also love Christmas. Being from Long Island, I have always had the opportunity to be spoiled by the two train stations within walking distance from my house with frequently run trains that will get me to Manhattan in about a half hour. I can safely say that no matter how many cities I visit, New York will always have my heart.

Getting to the next thing I love - Christmas.

I love getting into the holiday spirit, decorating my whole entire house in lights and garland galore. I also enjoy the atmosphere Christmas tends to bring as well. I feel like everyone's spirits are lifted as we begin to enter the cold of winter, and the snow may not seem too bad as the lights dazzle from under it. Now put those two things together, Manhattan + Christmas = AMAZING. The energy of the city is just multiplied by a thousand and it is beautiful.

This all being said, Christmas in New York can be extremely overwhelming for visitors, I mean when is it not overwhelming really? So here are some of the top things that are key for a successful Christmas season in New York City.

The Radio City Christmas Spectacular

This is personally a favorite of mine. I have been attending the show since I was little with my family. No matter how many times I see the show I enjoy the same amount, if not more. The Rockettes are obviously a key part of the performance and I have always wanted to be a Rockette, but unfortunately, I am only 5'1, and the minimum height for the Rockettes is 5'6.

Bryant Park's Winter Village

This is truly a one of a kind experience. You get to shop at these adorable little stores that are selling everything from soap to onesies. And on top of that they have an ice skating rink! You can skate around and look up around you to be surrounded by the glorious skyscrapers of Manhattan.

Bergdorf Goodman and Macy's Holiday Windows

These are an absolute classic! There are many windows lining Fifth Avenue, but these are two big ones. Bergdorf Goodman will show you some super sparkly and trendy windows. Macy's will appeal more to families and the holiday spirit, seeing as they are very colorful and story oriented. Beautifully, amazing windows all around though!

Top of the Rock

Now I would recommend going to Top of the Rock anytime of the year. It offers an absolutely stunning view of Manhattan, including the Empire State Building. But during the Christmas season if you go to the Top of the Rock at night, you will have an amazing view of all the Christmas lights on throughout the city.

Gigantic Holiday Cheer

These giant sculptures are placed throughout the city! They add a little more cheer and spirit to an already wonderful time in NYC!

These are only a few things that I think would make a very successful time in Manhattan during the Christmas season!

Here are a few other things to do: New York Botanical Gardens Holiday Train Show, New York City Ballet - The Nutcracker, the Christmas lights in Dyker Heights, Wollman Rink in Central Park, Union Square Holiday Market, and Sledding in the City (Prospect Park in Brooklyn or Central Park are awesome options!)

Merry Christmas, New York!

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