new york city animal abuse
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new york city animal abuse

why call abuse romantic

new york city animal abuse
For years people have been questioning the ethics of the horse drawn carriages in New York City

The finding have been pretty clear, these "romantic" horse drawn carriage rides are extremely abusive. There are so many cases that have demonstrated the horrible conditions these animals face every day. One of the horse trainers openly admitted to choking his horses till they pass out in order to train them. Also, the same train said he enjoyed scaring his skittish horses and it would make him laugh like a "madman".

Horses, being sensitive creatures, have specific needs and limitations that are often compromised in the bustling city environment. The relentless noise, fumes, and unforgiving concrete pavements take a toll on their physical and mental health. The long hours spent navigating through traffic, often in extreme weather conditions, can lead to exhaustion, stress, and various health issues.

These regal beings, accustomed to roaming vast open spaces, find themselves confined to small stables in cramped urban quarters. Their natural behaviors, such as grazing, socializing, and engaging in physical activities, are severely limited. The constant exposure to noise and congestion only adds to their anxiety and discomfort.

As advocates for change, we must encourage the city and its residents to embrace more compassionate means of transportation. By supporting animal-free alternatives, such as electric carriages or eco-friendly tours, we can foster a culture of responsible tourism and ensure a brighter future for all.

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