Ah January, the time for new beginnings. We are all "new people" wanting to attain new goals to push us to be better people. Too often these goals are so lofty or cliche that we have given up entirely, and by February are back to our own vices. Here are some smaller, more attainable goals that can improve our lives but not drive us crazy.

1. Go to the gym 

Not even ' go X amount of times a week" just go. See what it looks like. And, if you find working out makes you feel good, then keep at it. Keep at it to feel your best, not to look a certain way. Changing your mindset this way is better for your mental health and your body.

2. Eat more fruits and veggies. 

Instead of focusing on eating less of certain foods, I find it easier to focus on eating more of the good things. It's less focused on deprivation and more focused on how you can include more healthy foods in your diet.

3. The two minute rule

Instead of the lofty goal " stop procrasinating" the two minute rule is more specific. It simply states that if something can be done in two minutes or less then you should do it now. For example, taking out the trash now instead of later. This is supposed to help prevent those Sunday night panic modes when you have a million little things to do.

4. Listen to more music. 

It's all about the little things. If you need a 5 minute Taylor Swift jam swift then you should go for it. Any little thing you can do to make yourself happy.

5. Spend quality time with friends. 

Real quality time. Even just walking around campus. Or sitting around in the campus cafe. Try to talk about other things besides. homework. Have fun with them. Grow the connection.

6. Spend quality time with yourself. 

Drink tea. Run. Read a book. Listen to some jams. But do it alone. Learn to love your alone time. Learn to love spending time with yourself, after all you are the person you'll spend the most time with.

7. Spend time outside

Sit outside and study. Drink some coffee outside on the weekends. Anything to get some rays of sun and connection with nature. This is better than spending every waking moment in a classroom or a dorm room.

8. Journal

Journal more. Not the cliche Dear Diary, unless that helps you, But write. About anything and everything. Your hopes. Your fears. Your goals. Get it out of your head and on to paper. It'll do wonders to clear your mindset.