Its that time of year once again ladies and gentlemen! The time where we look back at what we have accomplished, or what we have not accomplished, this year and find ourselves tallying up all of the things that we feel we need to work on, continue working on or just cry about and realize that we are never going to work on (but put it on our list because it makes us feel better). If any of this sounds familiar to you then you might be working on your New Year's resolutions list.

Like many of you, I can not tell recall how many of these lists I've made over the years and how many times I thought going into the new year I would be this new transformed person because I was definitely going to get my shit together this coming new year. Queue the laughing track. No instead, right around mid-February, I wake up and realize that I've missed going to the gym for the last three weeks and almost always find myself forgetting to purge all of the things I'd said I'd purge because well I have a deep attachment to my ungodly amount of comfy T's... This is only some of the lighter things I said I'd be fixing on my resolutions list, the rest I am not going to allow myself to even dip back into, mostly because it makes me sad. And that is why I am so over making resolution lists each and every year.

Feeling sad, feeling like you've disappointed yourself is just not a healthy way to go into the new year. I know when you start off the year technically you are not starting it off upset or in a funk, but with these ridiculous lists you are just setting yourself up for disappointment. You remind yourself each time how you failed the previous years' list and how it that old failure you won't be this new you. When we all know when that one to two-month spot comes around you'll just probably utter to yourself how there is always next year to start again. Even if you make the argument that you can start the year off with a list that isn't so crazy, then you'll just say that you didn't challenge yourself enough and then you'll start tacking on more and more things to do. It's a vicious cycle of negativity that you seriously don't need in your life.

So, instead of starting off the new year with an unrealistic goals list or a subpar list of things to do, start a new yearly tradition for yourself.

Accepting the person that you are, go into the New Year and rock yourself. You don't need to set a list of goals to achieve anything spectacular because of all you need to do is believe in who you are and what you can do.