so you'll work out
or you'll tell yourself you're going to treat yourself more this year
be more creative, branch out with your art
or find a job that you both love and pays a decent amount
you tell yourself you're going to be more open minded,
or love yourself more

whatever it may be,
it is none the less a classic New Year New Me list
in hopes that you'll have a better year
since we don't have control over the intensity of the world
we try to better ourselves
in order to perceive the new year
as a better - more fruitful - year

and yeah, goals are essential to intrinsic revolutions
but why start on January first?
why can you only start creating a new you on new years
(besides the fact that new year new me has kind of an annoying yet cute jingle to it)?
instead you'll just be waiting for the next year
planning for something big soon
and another year passes
and you'll just be waiting
for yourself
or for the year
you'll be waiting for something

and the clock strikes twelve
shifting the social construct we call time
from the 31st to the 1st
but you already know you'll just be doing last years resolutions
because you only do them in the first couple months
of the new years