Your Ultimate New Orleans Christmas Shopping Guide
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Your Ultimate New Orleans Christmas Shopping Guide

These hot items will make the perfect NOLA-themed gifts for everyone on your list this season.

Your Ultimate New Orleans Christmas Shopping Guide
Dirty Coast

Christmas shopping is no small task; we all want to make sure we have the perfect presents for the special people in our lives, but the big day has a way of sneaking up on us fast. Fortunately, New Orleans is full of unique and meaningful gift ideas, so if you and your loved ones are NOLA-lovers, look no further than this list for inspiration.

1. Scriptura

Let's start with the basics - Christmas cards. Scriptura has an adorable selection of New Orleans themed holiday greetings, so shop here to send a sweet Southern salutation to faraway friends and family.

2. Dirty Coast

Dirty Coast has a few new must-have items this year. For the animal lover on your list, check out the Puptown Dog Toys, a whimsical collection featuring cute characters like "Benji the Beignet" and "Voodoo Dog." (Plus, a portion of proceeds from these toys benefits Animal Rescue New Orleans!) And for your fashion-forward friends, Dirty Coast's in-demand enamel pins - which come in shapes from gumbo bowls to Creole cottages - make the perfect stocking stuffers.

3. Magazine St. Art Market

Nothing says "New Orleans" like handmade goods from local artists, and the Magazine St. Art Market features an array of unique creations every Saturday and Sunday from 12-6pm in the Dat Dog courtyard. Stop by to browse paintings, prints, bath products, jewelry, and more! (And enjoy a hot dog while you're at it, of course. Their jaw-dropping holiday turducken special will be available until December 31st!)

4. Bonfolk Collective

Who doesn't love a fun pair of socks? And these will do more than just make your feet look fabulous - for every pair sold, Bonfolk donates a pair to a shelter or charity, since socks are both the most requested and least donated clothing commodity. Shop unisex patterns from snowballs to gators to Tabasco sauce bottles.

5. Fleurty Girl

Shopping for someone who's redecorating? Along with many other unique NOLA-themed gifts, Fleurty Girl is the perfect place to shop for home decor. They have everything from dish towels to local art pieces - even Christmas ornaments! For a gift that's truly one-of-a-kind, make your own framed tile art to give someone's space a little bit of Big Easy charm.

6. Defend New Orleans

From caps to t-shirts to pins, DNO has some of the trendiest locally-inspired apparel around. With styles in both men's and women's fits, there's something for everyone on your list. Don't know their size? Never fear - DNO has some pretty great posters, too.

7. Ticket Master

What can you get for the person who has everything? Experiences! There are some great concerts coming to NOLA, including shows by Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Smoothie King Center on January 10th and The Lumineers at the UNO Lakefront Arena on March 3rd. Surprise your favorite music-lover with an event they won't soon forget!

8. Their Favorite Restaurants

Every New Orleanian has at least one thing in common - we love to eat! If all else fails, no one on your Nice-List could possibly turn down a gift card to one of their favorite dining locations. Treat them to popular restaurants like Bakery Bar, Company Burger, or District Donuts, a few of the many places that offer gift cards.

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