Never Stop Saying 'I Love You'

Never Stop Saying 'I Love You'

You can overcome anything with a thing called love.

"I love you."

Seems simple enough, right? Yet when it comes to saying it out loud, some of us seem to choke up. We live in a world where people are too intimidated by the root word to actually say it. We'd rather act like we're not phased by the idea of giving our hearts to someone; whether it be to our family, friends, or significant other. We've found it easier to build walls up against people in order to protect our own hearts.

But would we rather risk not telling the ones we love how we truly feel because we're too scared to open up? I won't judge someone for refusing to say these three simple words; however, I do believe they should be said.

Life is hectic and occasionally unbearable. We spend a majority of our time stressing over things that could easily be fixed and overthinking to the point that it makes us go insane. With this, we forget to tell those we love that we actually love them. Growing up, I have made it a habit to never go to bed upset with someone and to always say I love you. Every day that we wake up, is another day to tell the ones that mean the most to us how much we love them. Our lives and our time are too precious to not treat everyone in it like a gift.

Love is not an easy thing to define by any means, but it can be seen in every day actions. It's getting a phone call from your best friend at 2 AM because she misses you. It's getting that quick FaceTime call from your boyfriend because he hasn't seen you all day, or getting a call from your parents because something funny happened and they didn't want you to miss out on it. It's having people show up at your front door with movies and ice cream because they heard you were having a bad day. Love is easy to express, and it is easy to give.

I am the person that will tell you I love you simply because you brought me a smoothie. If my waitress brings me free salad or dipping sauces, I tell her I love her. If someone opens the door for me, I tell them I love them. It is the little things in life that I love people for.

Telling someone you love them is the easiest thing in the world to do yet we make it more complicated than it needs to be. Love is simple. It's showing people what they mean to you. Sometimes, telling someone you love them just may end up saving their life.

I was 10 when I first truly understood love and gratitude. I had noticed a homeless man sitting outside of the restaurant I was in. He didn't have much to offer, but he was making roses out of straw he found lying around. He would hand these roses out to people who passed by, never asking them for money in return. I decided to wrap up my food to go and bring it to him with my father.

I told him I didn't have any money to offer but I had a burger I didn't touch and some fries if he would like it. I ended up sitting and chatting with him for 20 minutes about his roses. At the end of our conversation he explained that he was considering ending his life soon because of the state he was in. He proceeded to hand me a rose and said "because of you, I know there is good in the world. I know that I can get through this."

I never did see him again, but I have a feeling he was grateful for what I could offer.

It is the choices we make and the words we choose that help people in the smallest of ways. Telling someone you love them may seem difficult; nevertheless, if your actions prove your feelings sometimes the words are never needed.

Don't abandon love because you're too scared of how others will react. Everyone wants to feel loved in one way or another. Love is truly the only thing that will not leave you alone. Your love for God, family, and friends can and will triumph through anything.

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To The Best Friend I Broke Up With, Thank You For Being A Lesson

We were the epitome of best friends, and that was the beginning of the end.

"If you love someone, let them go."

I never really completely understood that saying. I would ask myself, why would I let someone I love go? Shouldn't it be the other way around, and hope they stay? That seemed like a whole lot of heartbreak.

But, then one day, you understand.

When we first started being friends, we met at a good time of my life. I was with a guy who (I thought) was my forever, and I was on my own. We met in our psychology class, cracking jokes about someone in the class and completely roasting our crappy professor. We added each other on snapchat, and we didn't really think we'd ever talk again.

Fast forward to fall quarter, and we had a class next door to each other: what I thought was fate. I remember thinking, "God must really want us to be friends if he keeps leading us to each other." But that was not the case; He brought you into my life for a lesson.

That quarter, I started to slack. My normal 4.0 GPA was tainted, my nearly perfect attendance turned for the worst, and I began to hang out with you more and more. I was the short blonde to your tall brunette, and EVERYONE knew we were friends.

Tragedy struck, and the guy who I thought was my "forever" left me, and my life fell apart. The first person I called was you, even before my parents. You were there when he came and picked up the rest of his things from my house, and you were there at three in the morning when I called you and I couldn't breathe because my heart was so broken.

Despite the heartbreak, you dusted me off and helped me pick myself back up.

From then on, we were inseparable. Your parents liked me as much as my parents liked you, and we became a family. We would schedule our classes together, and even visit each other at work. When we weren't with each other, we were FaceTiming, on the phone, Snapchatting each other, or texting.

We spent holidays with each other, planned vacations, and planned our life together. If we went to parties or kickbacks, we were together. Even when you broke up with your boyfriend in the car, I was in the trunk, listening to the whole thing!

We were the epitome of best friends, and that was the beginning of the end.

Summer was the goodbye we never thought was going to happen. We spent the whole summer together adventuring and having a little too much fun, and we started nitpicking at everything we were doing. Both of us disliked the guys we each were dating, and although women should never fight over a man, we did. That was the grand finale of our friendship.

Looking back on it now, it makes me realize that some people came into your life as a lesson and a well-deserved memory.

It was also really hard to find your place in the world when I left the friendship. It was feeling all too one-sided, and I had already lost my best friend before I even left. Spending all that time together was toxic, and in reality, we had nothing in common. I felt misunderstood in the friendship, and I never really felt that support from you. I deserved to feel valued as a person, rather than someone who didn't want to sacrifice and work for our friendship.

But let this be clear: I regret the way I left the friendship, but I am not sorry for ending it.

Our friendship was designated to be a lesson well learned, and since that day I sent you the text that forever changed our friendship, my life has been more about me. Breaking up with a friend who defined you gives you a chance to define yourself, and for me, that changed my world.

So to you, ex-best friend of mine, I will continue to wish you the best from afar.

Although I am happy with my life, I do wish you the best in your future successes. I mean, how could I wish any differently to someone I gave so much time and effort to? I still reminisce about all the good times (and the bad), and I pray that you find your happiness.

I also want to thank you for being there for me during a really hard time. You potentially saved me from myself, and for that, I will always owe you the utmost of gratitude. Without you, I would've turned been a detriment to myself.

And finally, I hope you turn out to be the best possible woman that you can be.

I hope that you let go of all the drama in your life, and I hope you find your real friends. I hope you lead a life as the honorable woman I know you can be, and I hope you impact the world as you had once done for mine.

From this experience, I have realized that part of the journey of life is the process of leaving a once-toxic friend; that the creation and destruction of friendship benefits in finding yourself.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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To The Best Friends Who Are Secretly Blessings, You Are The Best Of The Best

We shine together.

I can’t thank you enough.

You made me a better person than I was yesterday. You made me a person who believes in my dreams. You reminded me that my dreams would come true when I didn’t believe in myself. You made me trust myself to be who I am. You encouraged me to be my authentic self.

You want the best for me. When I was heartbroken, you were by my side like the stars hang by the moon at night. We shine together.

The time when I talked about the same problem and person over and over again, you let me ramble over and over again until your ears were raw from the words that came from my mouth. I was talking too much. Yet, you let me talk again and again because you knew that it would calm me down. You patiently listened to me because you knew what I needed the most at that time. You know I needed a friend who could listen.

I can’t imagine my life without you. I might not be who I am now without you. You taught me that kindness has no boundaries, that trust is a priority, and that being present in a time of need is absolute.

When I called you that night, while crying my eyes out, you were there for me. When I needed someone to stay for a night because of I was too afraid to be alone, you were there. You don’t even let me walk alone at night, you insist that I walk with you. Even when I refuse, you beg me to at least take your scissors. You care about me.

I could never see you get hurt. I would never let anyone hurt you. If they hurt you, they hurt me.

I sometimes think, “God, how grateful I am to have you in my life.” You mean more to me than anything you do. You are the best of the best. It took only you, one person, to realize that I could erase all the feelings of loneliness, and sadness. You erased those feelings of betrayal from my fake friends. You are my one true friend.

I feel like you know me more than I know myself.

You are not a fake friend who only comes around when they need something from you. When I hear you talk about me, I hear you tell others how smart and kind I am. Even though I thought I was just a piece of shit. You uplifted me, you empowered me.

You make me feel beautiful. You are different. You are far from the fake friends I had who would always talk and not listen, who came around only when they needed something and spread horrible rumors about me.

I remember when we had a fight, you quickly asked for forgiveness without a second thought. I made you cry and for that, I am sorry. You make this friendship a priority, and I will do the same too. I will make you a priority in my life. You bring me happiness and I want to return that happiness in the way that you deserve. You radiate that shining light through the darkness. You are my sunshine. I hope that our friendship lasts forever.

Best friend, I love you. You are a blessing in my life.

Cover Image Credit: Safira Vasya

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