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​"Never Have I Ever" Season 3 Was...Not The Best

There was a lot to be desired.

​"Never Have I Ever" Season 3 Was...Not The Best

Since the release of season 3, I thought I would give this teen drama a try. While I loved the first couple, honestly, the latest season was pretty disappointing.

First off, Devi was really getting on my nerves. The first episode opened with her and Paxton finally together for real (and so cute!) but short-lived when Devi’s insecurities got in the way. I get it, but she was being pretty ridiculous. Her reaction to Paxton and Hayley’s friendship was entirely unnecessary. What did she expect to happen after they cleared the air?

Paxton and Nalini were the silver lining, with the best overall character development. Paxton’s breakup with Devi allowed him to develop on his own, and focus his friendships and future. Nalini’s been understandably going through a tough period for a while, but over the course of the series so far she’s really come a long way. And of course her relationship with Devi is only getting stronger.

As for Ben and Devi…eh. I liked her with Paxton, but obviously the two were at different levels of maturity. Devi just has a lot of growing up to do before she can really be in a healthy relationship. I honestly see her and Ben more as friends than boyfriend and girlfriend.

Here’s hoping season 4 will bring some positive changes, including more character development with Devi.

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