Lack Of Research Or Lack Of Brains? Kellyanne Conway's Dilemma
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Lack Of Research Or Lack Of Brains? Kellyanne Conway's Dilemma

Questioning Kellyanne

Lack Of Research Or Lack Of Brains? Kellyanne Conway's Dilemma
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With the Trump administration transitioning into power, it has been an open question on the reliability of Trump's decision making skills. The ninety day travel ban for instance "complete disaster, absolute mess, big time loser move!" to imitate a less wiser man than I. While I have covered many cabinet picks thus far, I have yet to speak on that of Trump's inner circle. Steve Bannon of Breitbart for instance, Bannon was a founding member of the board of Breitbart News, a far-right news, opinion and commentary website. Not very often do you find a publication worse than CNN or the Now in 2017 he is currently serving as assistant to the President and Chief Strategist in the Donald Trump administration and now being added to the security council. Having neither the credentials or experience to be worthy of either position. Lucky for Mr. Bannon he is not the one drawing the most negative attention this week.

For those who do not follow the news Kellyanne Conway found herself in a corner after citing a massacre that never ever happened. That's right: a counselor to the President went around talking about a massacre that never occurred. Should we blame it on the lack of research put forth by Kellyanne, or as a sign of incompetence? Of course the next day she came out saying that she had misspoken, claiming she meant to say terrorists not massacre. To see in real time what she said that day please refer to video below.

Later in the video at 3:00 she claims people did not know about the massacre because it was not well covered. Well shucks lady, maybe you should at least read a few of the articles that did cover it so you do not appear as a giant idiot on live television. Or hey Kellyanne here's a thought: Be honest. Running this nation is a very "big job, can only be done by the best" and you "you just don't got what it takes, just not good enough." Trump impersonation aside, I highly question that Kellyanne Conway is an individual that is way to lazy to be part of the White House administration. I look forward for the next fiction story Kellyanne Conway has for us, at least our new leaders are entertaining, in the three stooges kind of way of course.

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