Why We All Need 'That '70s Show' In Our Lives Now
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Why We All Need 'That '70s Show' In Our Lives Now

Eric and Donna had it all figured out.

Why We All Need 'That '70s Show' In Our Lives Now

Eric and Donna were the driving forces behind "That '70s Show." The gang would seem empty without them. What exactly is it about these two that makes them so charismatic? They're witty, they're intelligent and they have loving spirits. Together, they define the dynamic duo. So when you don't know which way is up, think to yourself "What would Eric and Donna say?"

1. Crazy stories are a portion of what makes life worth living

Remember the episode when the gang tried to throw a party in an empty pool? Eric came scaffolding down into the pool on a hose with a tap and turned around to see the cops. When you decide to have children. you want to share these stories with them, excite them, show them there's adventure to be had. Great friends are a big portion of those memories. No great memory started out with "So this one time I was alone in my room..."

2. Bad things happen

But don't let that stop you from living your life. If you feel destined to heal the world, then go do it. When you start letting the world's insanity weigh you down, you turn yourself into a burrito in your bed. These things happen so do your part and be kind to others. Don't let the world burn down your youth.

3. A best friendship comes naturally

You don't have to fight to hold onto it, it just happens. The friendships you're going to talk about for years to come and the stories you're going to tell are all going to involve the friends that hung around because it was unnatural without them. If you're lucky, you could fall in love with your best friend.

4. Love is tricky

It doesn't matter what age you are, tough love is a very real thing in all mannerisms. It's hard to give every bit of your being to one person, but when you do, it's invigorating. You could be 30 years old making out in cars like teenagers. That spark never fades once you say those three words to the right person. You'll understand if they don't say "I love you" back immediately; it was scary enough for you to say it first.

5. Girl Power and Flower Power

Donna was a fiery redhead with a passion for equality on all fronts. Watch an episode where she rants or turns political on everyone, and you'll be wondering why Donna Pinciotti wasn't elected for president. Your voice deserves to be heard among the rest. Speak loud and proud.

6. We're all sort of making this up as we go

When you're a kid, you want to be a teenager. Teenagers want to be considered adults, and adults have no earthly idea what the heck they're doing. We're all looking at each other trying to gauge the situation just hoping that someone figures it out soon. Tell your stories and fuel that wild imagination, because you'll help out others when you're an adult shining that iPhone light in the dark adult world.

7. And yes, we still need our parents to guide us

We refuse to admit it when we're teenagers. In fact, we tell our parents they're right to be smart asses. Trust me when I say that a portion of your adult years is spent whispering to yourself, "Holy crap, my mom and dad were right." So, just be honest with yourself. Mom and Dad won't always be around to nit pick with. They've ridden this roller coaster already.

8. It never hurts to be that girl

Girls may hate you, or you may only have one girlfriend, but you'd rather hang out with the guys, anyway. What is this makeup you speak of? No thanks, bartender, keep your fruity cocktails and slide a pint my way...

9. Better yet, make it a pitcher

People drive you nuts, man. The daily grind wears you out, and what the heck is that on your shirt? Yesterday's pizza? You weren't even wearing that shirt yesterday. It's time to lay off the incense. When times get rough, your friends know just what to do, and sometimes you don't want to discuss problems. You just want to let the world spin while you and the gang unwind after a few beers.

10. It all gets better

Let Donna and Eric explain this one for me..

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