#PettyWarz Is Back, Here's Why

#PettyWarz Is Back, Here's Why

The 2018-2019 season of the NBA is officially here.


The NBA regular season is officially underway.

Everywhere you look, you can see monster slam dunks, Steph Curry bomb shots, and all things LeBron. It's like Christmas morning. With a brand new season to unfold, there are so many surprises that await us as we embark on this 82 game slugfest of a season. As usual, there will be highlight plays, and professionals doing professional things.

But what makes the NBA so much fun to watch? The drama, of course.

The NBA is unlike any other sporting league in the USA, scratch that, the world. It is nearly impossible to tap into another league that is so action-packed, and drama filled. Especially considering its wide international reach, new storylines can come from anywhere, at any time. Nothing that players do these days goes unnoticed.

Of course, the troll king, Joel Embiid will be back on his antics in the social media world, and on the court. But there are already a few developments that are brand new to this seasons NBA.

1. The Jimmy Butler Saga

As a Timberwolves (Timberbulls) fan, this whole situation is the murkiest and most messy thing in the NBA. Timberwolves great Kevin Garnett even went as far to call the current situation in Minnesota a "shit storm". Having that come from your franchises all-time player is not a way to start of the season -- I digress.

Jimmy Butler wants out of Minnesota, and Minnesotans want him (and coach Thibodeau) out of Minnesota. Until both those things happen, the wolves will be as unpredictable as a night in Vegas, keep your eye on this situation.

2. Kevin Durant's last season as a Warrior?

Klay Thompson said it, he thinks KD is out after this year. The evidence? Also there. After game one, KD's brother commentated on his brothers Instagram post, predicting a Kevin Durant departure. Will this hurt the chemistry of the Warriors? Probably not, but its fun to speculate.

3. Jayson Tatum blossoming into a great player, but an All-NBA level troll

During last weeks debut against the 76ers, Jayson went after the troll king, Joel Embiid, showing he's ready to troll anyone in his way. After a quick bucket, Tatum turned around and gave a wink to JoJo, and if that's not telling the king that there's competition for the throne, I don't know what is.

This season will be full of twists and turns, but per usual, entertainment will most certainly not be an issue.

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The Best Student Section In College Basketball: GCU Havocs

Havoc literally means "widespread destruction"

With a campus of almost 16,000 students, every single one of them is considered a Grand Canyon University lope, but only the biggest fans are considered Havocs. Attending a school where our football team has been undefeated for the past 68 years is pretty impressive considering the fact that we don’t have a football team. For this reason, basketball is the season that us Havocs are looking forward to the most. The word "havoc" literally means “widespread destruction” and we do everything in our power to live up to that title. Visitors, whether it be the other team or families and friends in the stands, have no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into. We are the student section that will blow you away the very second you step into that stadium on game day.

The day starts out, walking to class where there are tents set up outside the arena with sleeping students who spent the night outside to be the first ones in line (AKA Camp Elliot). The majority of students all over campus are dressed in purple and GCU gear giving others the nonverbal signal that today’s the day. Inflatable basketball hoops are set up next to the student union all while the Havocs leaders yell over the mic telling students to come support the team. For the All-Access Havocs, they get first dibs on entry to the games and seats and still choose to stand in line hours before show time. I am one of them.

The line starts to form, growing longer and longer as the time for the game comes nearer. The sun slowly starts to go down, purple and white paint covers the faces and bodies of fans, and the anticipation starts to take over. Once we are finally let into the stadium, herds of Havocs run up the flights of stairs to claim the seats on the East side of the stadium.

Once the Havocs have arrived, so has the party.

Music blasts from the speakers within the stadium. The teams are stretching and warming up on the court while a sea of purple students gets just as pumped for the game as the players. Streamers fly as the bass drops, smiles go ear to ear, and the party has officially begun. Us Havocs go from the simplest things like basic cheers to completely staring and pointing at the other team’s bench in unison. This is exactly what we do right before tip-off; no one is allowed to sit until the Lopes put points on the board and if you’re in the Havocs section there most likely won’t be any sitting at all, we are nuts. We are committed to screaming our heads off for every second of the game. As a student section, we want nothing more than to create an environment that visiting teams hate playing in and that is exactly what we do. This is why we are considered the craziest student section in college basketball by USAToday. Now that we are NCAA Championship eligible as a school, the antics and devotion that the Havocs have for basketball season are at an all-time high.

Cover Image Credit: GCU Athletics

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New Year, New Home

Moving into the new year...


moving www.youtube.com

As 2018 comes to a close, it's a perfect time to reflect on everything that's happened this year. One thing that's helped me with that recently has been the process of moving. From looking back on the past to getting ready for new beginnings, packing up my old things and clearing out my room has reminded me of both the tangible and memorable experiences not just from this year, but in the past decade I've spent in Atlanta. This short cinematic film is a recollection of the memories of my childhood home and the ride we've been on this year, a microcosm of thoughts from the past 365 days.

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