We all know the feeling. Even if you are not diagnosed with a Generalized Anxiety Disorder, many of us suffer from waves of anxiety during stressful times.

Recently, I’ve heard a lot of people ask, “how can I naturally ease my anxiety?”

I’m all for trying out natural remedies before resorting to pharmaceuticals, so here are some natural remedies for anxiety.

1. Exercise

You don’t have to do some crazy CrossFit class or heavy lifting, even a leisurely jog or walk around the neighborhood will do. Studies show that just 30 minutes a day can help get your endorphins flowing and boost your mood.

2. Reduce your caffeine intake

You don’t have to cut out caffeine completely, but if you run on coffee like me you may want to replace a cup or two a day with green tea, which has more health benefits and less caffeine.

Why? Caffeine can make us jittery and anxious, so if you already have anxiety ample amounts of caffeine will just worsen your symptoms.

3. Take an Epsom salts bath

Raising your body temperature has been linked to soothing anxiety. Also— don’t we all need another excuse to relax in the tub?

Because of the magnesium sulfate in Epsom salts, adding this to your warm bath will help lower your blood pressure and reduce your anxiety.

4. Take CBD oil

This is something that has personally helped ease my anxiety. Cannabidiol, or CBD oil, is the non-psychoactive component of cannabis.

Basically, this means it doesn’t get you high. Using CBD oil as a supplement for anxiety is believed to alter your serotonin levels to decrease anxiety by working with CB1 proteins in your brain.

5. Sunshine

Not only does sunlight increase your vitamin-D levels, it raises your serotonin levels. Thus, more exposure to sunlight results in less anxiety.

Even though winter lingered a little longer than we had hoped here in Kentucky, sunshine is heading our way I promise! Take a break between classes or from work and step outside and bask in the sunlight for a few minutes to clear your mind.

Although these tips may ease your anxiety symptoms, they may not be sufficient for everybody. Before resorting to prescription meds, it can’t hurt to try out these natural remedies!

If you are already on medication and you feel like it isn’t getting the job done, consider talking to your doctor about utilizing some of these natural solutions in addition to what you are prescribed.