All throughout the International Space Station, there's been a feeling of uncertainty.

The astronauts onboard report hearing strange mutterings in their sleep. Talk of "small loans of a million dollars," and building walls to keep others out. One female astronaut even claims to have heard "disgusting!" being whispered to her while she went to the restroom!

But on New Year's day, the crew was surprised to look out at Earth, our beautiful planet, and notice something a tad bit off. From however many thousands of miles up they are, the passengers of the Space Station were struck by a giant, see through visage of Donald Trump himself.

After a few hours of research, NASA sent out a report that, due to the massive following he's gained, Donald Trump's ego has begun to emit an aura so large, it is now visible from space.

NASA has also begun to theorize that the recent flooding in the Midwest US is due to the ozone layer being pushed out of its home, but that's still being researched.

Stay safe out there everyone, this anomaly will hopefully soon be over!