My True Life: I'm Addicted To Shoes
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My True Life: I'm Addicted To Shoes

My (not so) strange addiction

My True Life: I'm Addicted To Shoes

Hi, my name is Paige Steward and I have a shoe problem. Whether it be running sneakers or strappy sandals, you name it, I’ve bought it. As of now I’m up to approximately 35 pairs (and counting). I know 35 pairs of shoes at 18 years old is a bit excessive, like I said, I have a problem.

Being that I like to keep up with (or ahead of) the trends, I’m constantly on the hunt for what's next. And although I love searching for the newest, coolest piece, my bank account does not. I often find myself with more shoes than actual clothes. I aspire to live a life where it would be possible for me to have the perfect pair of shoe for each outfit. I dream of a shoe closet full of sneaker, sandals, and boots, in every color and style.

Currently I’m in the midst of making my transition into college, therefore, I’m also in the process of cutting my shoe collection down. Well so far after moving in, I can easily say that the whole cutting down process, was unsuccessful. I was able to part ways with a few pairs, just not enough. I also couldn’t buy enough storage bins in my room because there wasn’t enough space. I had to resort to shoving them all in my closet. Therefore, my closet is actually weeping because of how full it is, not only with shoes, but also clothes. Everything is so tightly packed that if I pull something out, three other items are guaranteed to fall out with it. Rest in peace to my sweet wardrobe holder.

I’d like to think my mother is at fault for this ~growing~ problem. As a child, I had always been very adamant about my fashion choices. Therefore, my mom always made sure my closet was stocked with the coolest clothes, and snazziest sneakers. At that age, it was easy to buy a child loads of footwear because everything was so cheap. As I grew older nothing has really changed, except the prices. Also, my mother no longer buys me shoes because she “refuses to feed into my addiction.” Anyways, if it weren’t for her exploiting my and spoiling me with so many options, I think I’d be in a different place with a lot more money. I guess since she’s not the one that types in my card information or clicks “place order”, she’s not totally responsible. She’s not completely in the clear though, I’m still putting some of the blame on her.

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