"My Rights Don't Trump Anyone Else's Rights."
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"My Rights Don't Trump Anyone Else's Rights."

Viral videos sparks conversation and controversy.

"My Rights Don't Trump Anyone Else's Rights."

On May 13, Pastor Danny Thompson of Cochise, Arizona posted a video to his personal Facebook page that has now gone viral. This video, that now has nearly 25 million views and 40,000 shares, is one you have most likely seen. As President Obama issued a decree that public schools must allow the transgender community to use the restroom in which they identify with, Pastor Thompson knew it was time to take a stand for the rights of his daughters.

Thompson starts out standing in front of a door with a sign that clearly reads "Girls Restroom." He says, "...in 43.5 years it did not represent discrimination, it did not represent injustice, it represented common sense and modesty," as he points to this sign.

He goes on to question what his daughter's rights are... their rights, as well as other females, to modesty, privacy and decency. Many individuals feel as though it's an act of discrimination and hatred for the LGBT+ community; however, that is not Thompson's point. In this viral video he states, "I'm okay with schools wanting to create a unisex, private bathroom. I'm alright if someone feels they can't shower with all the other boys... that's totally fine. But they don't belong in my daughter's bathroom."

This video, as a whole, as brought about loads of controversy. However, it has brought about loads of dialogue as well. I will say, I am friends with Pastor Danny on Facebook. I have met him in real life. He used to pastor at the church I currently attend. Open and honest dialogue is the true desire of this man. In light of recent events, he has had to create a public figure Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/PastorDanny75/). On this page, there are many, many comments and I believe this one speaks the truth of what he is truly trying to say. "You see my issue is not actually with transgender individuals. My issue is with those that would use this for their deviant plans. Transgender children need to be listened to. They need to be cared for. Couseled. Be treated with compassion and respect. I also believe there should be a third bathroom. As a father I'm just uncomfortable with boys going into my daughter's bathroom. Because I do not believe or agree with the LGBT does not make me a bigot, a hate monger, a fear Monger, homophobic or any of that. I just want to speak up for those kids that don't have a voice. I do not want to hurt anyone. I just felt that I could not be silent on this anymore."

I have spoken with Pastor Thompson personally since this has taken place and I believe his voice needs to be heard. He has one goal here, to glorify Christ. That's it. He has created this Facebook page in order to do just that. As I spoke to him, he said he will be sharing about God's word, social media, discipleship and much more... this just happened to be the subject of the moment.

In the end, I believe what Pastor Thompson is really longing for is for no one person to have greater rights than another as he says, "here's the reality. Everyone has rights. I have rights, but my rights don't trump someone else's."

Since the posting of the first video (https://www.facebook.com/danny.thompson.77/videos/...), Thompson has posted a separate video to more clearly represent what his opinions are. This video can be viewed here: https://www.facebook.com/danny.thompson.77/videos/.... Pastor Thompson has requested that if anyone wishes to speak to him that they message him through his public figure page, not his personal Facebook.

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