My Predictions for UFC 268
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My Predictions for UFC 268

UFC 268 will be one of the most stacked cards in UFC history. Here I will break down the main fights and predict the outcome. Will we see Kamaru Usmans Legacy grow? Or will it be stopped by Colby Covington.

My Predictions for UFC 268

In November, the UFC will produce its most anticipated fight card of the year. There will be many big names in the fight game who fight on this night, some former champions and others future champions. I will predict the outcome of the big four fights on the main card.

Sean Strickland(24-3) vs Luke Rockhold (16-6)


It has been about two years since Luke Rockhold has last fought. The former champion looks to make his return to the UFC with a win over a skillful opponent in Sean Strickland. Sean Strickland is 24-3 in his career and currently he is on a five fight win streak. Luke Rockhold enters this bout with a 1-3 record in his las four fights. Rockhold hasn't won a fight since 2017, and while Rockhold could make his return in spectacular fashion, that seems very unlikely. Historically, most fighters at this stage of their careers struggle to win fights. In this bout I see Rockhold looking to exhibit his class as a striker, and try to stay on the outside and set up his shots. I believe Strickland will be the more active fighter. Strickland will push the tempo of the fight and he will be the aggressor. Strickland will land more strikes and that will help him win the fight.

Winner- Sean Strickland ( Unanimous Decision).

Justin Gaethje (22-3) vs Michael Chandler(22-6)

Michael Chandler (left) & Justin Gaethje (right)


Both of these fighters are looking for a win in this to propel them into contention for the Lightweight belt. Michael Chandler is 1-1 since entering the UFC, so a win in this fight would be huge in order to back up the hype behind him before he came to the UFC. However Gaethje is an established UFC fighter who has fought the best Lightweights that the division has to offer. Gaethje's striking and his boxing will give him the edge in this fight. Expect to see fireworks in this bout as both fighters like to throw punches in the standup, however I would expect to see Chandler utilize his advantage in the grappling and wrestling as he currently averages 2 takedowns per 15 minutes in the UFC. In this fight I see both fighters pushing the pressure, but Gaethje will be the one who thrives in a chaotic standup fight.

Winner- Justin Gaethje (Via 3rd Round KO)

Rose Namajunas(11-4) vs Zhang Weili(21-2)

Rose Namajunas knocks out Zhang Weili with a head kick.


Last time these two fought, Namajunas knocked out Zhang Weili in a spectacular fashion. While I don't think we will see another headlock knockout, I still think we will see very skillful performance from both fighters. Both fighters a very well rounded, and can fight in the stand up or on the ground. I expect to see this fight take place on both the ground and in the standup. Namajunas has shown the ability to mix up her striking well, as she utilizes both her kicks and her boxing. This fight will most likely go the distance, and I see Rose Namajunas retaining her belt and just outclassing Zhang Weili in the rematch.

Winner- Rose Namajunas (Unanimous Decision)

Kamaru Usman (19-1) vs Colby Covington (16-2)


The main event of the evening, and the moment you've all been waiting for.

Another rematch, however this one has about as much bad blood as you can get. Both of these fighters are extremely well rounded. Kamaru Usman currently sits at the 2nd ranked pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC, and he only continues to build his legacy. In this rematch, I expect to see both fighters being active, as both fighters are very similar in the way that they are both well rounded fighters, but they both push the tempo. Usman is then more technical striker of the two, but Colby Covington never runs out of stamina. In their last fight Usman knocked out Covington in the 5th round. While I think Covingotn might be the only fighter in the Welterweight division that possesses the ability to beat Usman, I think Usman beats Colby Covington 9 times out of 10. Usman is a better overall fighter, and possibly the best overall fighter in the UFC. I believe Usman will stay on his hot streak and knock Covington out in their November bout. We will be hearing the words "And still!" This fight will mark the day where Usmans legacy reaches the level of an all time great.

Winner- Kamaru Usman (via 4th round KO)

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