To My Stepdad, Now That It's Official

To My Stepdad, Now That It's Official

From band dad to stepdad, I'm glad it's official.

Tracy and Heather McIntosh

It's not that you weren't already my stepdad, you were the second you starting doing things for me that you didn't have to do. From driving me to and from practices, to cooking dinner, to being a role model to look up to. You were my stepdad years ago, that's how I knew you, how my friends knew you. Now that it's official I guess I just need to tell you how much you mean to me.

I was sure for the longest time that my mom was going to be strung along by men that were nothing but bad luck. I had dreams that one day she would find someone that would love her and appreciate her the way she deserved. I wanted her to find a person that understood her and cherished her. I wasn't sure when it would happen, but I kept hoping.

You came into her life as a man of laughter, someone who could walk into any room and lighten the mood. She needed this, we both did. You lifted her up through jokes and laughter, then somehow managed to sweep this stubborn woman right off of her feet. Everyone knew you both were falling in love, even when neither of you would admit it. There was no doubt in my mind that you made her happy and for that I became happy too.

For you, it was never just about taking care of her though, you made sure that I was included and made it known that you cared about how I felt and what I needed. I remember the first time I called you dad. It was an unexpected moment, you had brought me something for practice and when someone asked who had dropped it off I just said,"My dad." As soon as I said it, I knew it felt right. You became a permanent aspect of my life with one little word - dad.

Through the last few years you've shown me how to laugh, even when things aren't perfect. You've shown me what it means to be strong and brave in the face of the scariest things. You've proven that love can come into your life at any time, and sometimes maybe the first love isn't THE love, but eventually THE love finds a way.

You're officially my stepdad now and I want to say thank you. For the way that you make us laugh, for the way that you love us, and for the way you've cared for my mom. I love you.

"You may kiss the bride."Tracy and Heather McIntosh

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