Lebron James: 5 Things I Would Like To Thank My Hero For

Lebron James: 5 Things I Would Like To Thank My Hero For

Thank you for teaching me the most important life lessons.

NBA superstar, Lebron James is my hero. I am inspired by his abilities to play basketball, but more than that the wonderful qualities he posses as a human being.

1. Hard work is everything. Lebron James despite being a three time NBA Champion, and 4 time MVP still plays like he has something to prove. He is second highest in minutes played per game. The list goes on and on. I am inspired by his work ethic and drive to be consistent. In college, consistency is key and having the motivation to sustain the pressure is essential. Watching Lebron James, strengthens my motivation to strive for greatness in my own life.

2. Home is the where the heart is. When Lebron James made the move from his previous team, The Miami Heat, he decided to go back to his hometown of Cleveland to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He rebuilt the team and won another championship in 2016. I learned that is is essential to be grounded to your roots and where you come from. Being in college, it is easy to lose touch with home, especially if you live on campus and only come home for holidays. However, it is vital to understand that home is where your loved ones reside and it is important to feel and strengthen the connection you have with it.

3. Become a leader, but someone who brings out the best in others. Lebron James is tremendous leader and has proven it from time to time. His leadership is showcased through other players. When other players play under the leadership of James, they become better and mature basketball players. He encourages and teaches them as well as shows them a vision of what it would be like to achieve the greatest success. In my own life, I strive to be a leader, not to show off my power but to make a difference in the world by helping people. Compassion drives my desire to become a leader.

4. Have faith in god. After Lebron James won his championship in 2016, in an emotional interview he quoted that. "God does not put you through anything that you cannot handle". This is a beautiful quote because it tells you that you are capable of handling what life throws at you because of the inner strength that you posses. This is very inspiring because it gives you perspective on life, that you have to fight through life with a strong mind and a compassionate heart.

5. Family will always have your back. James is a family man. He is always talking about his mother, wife, and kids. He constantly credits them for keeping him humbled and values the time that he has to spend with them. In my own experiences, my family has always supported me and helped me through tough times. At the end of the day, they are the only people who are actually going to pick you up when you have fallen down. Keeping my family as close as possible is very important to me.

Thank You Lebron, for being my hero and constantly teaching me on how to be a better person everyday.

So much love for you.

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7 Things That Annoy Volleyball Players More Than Anything

How to get under a volleyball player's skin in two seconds.

I'm not sure why but volleyball players are a very particular group of people — we like what we like and we HATE what we don't, especially when it is volleyball-related. If you're a volleyball player, I'm sure you can relate to this list and if you're not a volleyball player, now you know exactly how you will be able to get under our skin.

1. Girls who wear spandex in public

Don’t get me wrong, we wear spandex for a living. We understand WHY people wear them to workout. But wearing them to the dining hall, class or anywhere that isn’t the gym… please don’t. Put on some shorts or leggings — PLEASE.

2. The “I’ll beat you in volleyball” line

For some odd reason when someone who likes you finds out that you play volleyball, they say this. I’m not sure why, but its really annoying that people think they’re better than you (a collegiate athlete) at the sport you’ve been playing your whole life.

3. When guys mention that they only come to your games because you wear spandex

You’re right, why would any appreciate our athletic ability when you can simply appreciate our butts.

4. Freshman who don’t think they have to do their Freshman duties

PSA: Every single school has freshman duties; YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY FRESHMAN WHO HAVE TO DO THEM. Everyone has done them when they were a freshman. Stop complaining, do your duties, and play volleyball because after your freshman season you’ll never have to do it again.

5. When people try to tell you that volleyball isn’t hard

Why don’t you jump for three hours straight and throw your body on the ground hundreds of times and tell me how easy it is.

6. The word "spike"

I honestly feel bad about hating this so much but nothing nothing NOTHING annoys us more than when someone uses the work "spike". For some reason this word went out of style a longgggg time ago and nobody got the memo except the people in the volleyball world. Instead of telling your friend that they had a good spike, tell them that they had a great "hit." HIT = SPIKE.

7. Balls that aren't perfectly blown up

Volleyball players are hands down the most high maintenance group of people when it comes to our sport. I will go through an entire ball cart to find the best ball possible... if the ball is flat, no matter what contact you make it is going to be bad. If the ball is too hard, no matter what contact you make it is going to be bad.

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The NBA Went Bonkers in a matter of days

The entire landscape shifted in just the first few days of free agency.


In case you were wondering why NBA fans have been losing their minds, NBA free agency started on July 1. Every year the league is shaken up by players looking for new contracts, but this year felt different. The top stars on the market wasted no time in choosing their homes, and two made decisions that nearly broke everyone's collective minds. Here are the biggest takeaways.

LeBron Makes The Lakers Relevant Again

@NBAMemes It's really happeninghttps://twitter.com/NBAMemes/status/10136374592785...

After getting swept in a disappointing Finals, LeBron James joined one of the greatest and most hated franchises in sports: the Los Angeles Lakers. The team has been struggling for years after Kobe's retirement and the failure to bring in a new star to replace him. However, over the past year the Lakers built an exciting young core while creating the cap space to sign two max contracts this offseason. With Kevin Durant, Paul George, and Chris Paul resigning with their old teams and other suitors for LeBron, there were questions that Los Angeles may strike out. Instead, the Lakers have their star and the NBA will look totally different next season.

The East Is Finally Out From Under LeBron's Shadow

@bycycle LeBron is finally gonehttps://twitter.com/bycycle/status/101451787041449...

Do you remember the last time LeBron James wasn't in the Finals? You would have to go back to 2010 when the Celtics represented the Eastern Conference. After that, LeBron-led teams played for the championship every single season. Really, for eight years Lebron has dominated the East, terrorizing teams that just couldn't bring down the king. Now the Eastern Conference is open for business, and it will be interesting to see who goes all in. The Celtics look primed to take over with Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward coming back from injury. However, the Raptors bring back one of the best teams in their franchise's history, Joel Embiid's young 76ers will be another year older, and teams like Milwaukee, Washington, and Indiana are just missing one or two pieces of a the playoff puzzle. Though there's more star power out west, the Eastern teams will be the ones to watch, because with the conference now free from LeBron's grasp, multiple will make some moves to win in the short-term.

The West May Be Too Strong Now

@bycycle This is unfairhttps://twitter.com/bycycle/status/1013897507280162817

Think about the amount of talent now in the Western Conference. Steph Curry, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Paul George, Anthony Davis, Demarcus Cousins, Damian Lillard, Jimmy Butler - the list goes on. The East has some stars, but league parity seems to have died - if it hadn't already. While Eastern Conference teams are licking their lips at having an easier path to the Finals, the league itself may have an issue. Commissioner Adam Silver had already talked about breaking up the conferences for the playoffs, and this free agency won't do anything to quiet the calls for a change to the playoff format. If strong teams in the West miss the playoffs while mediocre teams in the East make it, then serious change could be around the corner.

The Lakers Aren't On Top... Yet

@NBAMemes LeBron probably isn't winning a ring next yearhttps://twitter.com/NBAMemes/status/10091634149863...

Yes, the Lakers have one of the greatest basketball players of all time. But as we learned in the Finals, the best player in the world isn't better than the best team in the world. LeBron James may have a new supporting cast, but they aren't necessarily better. The team was powered last year by young players who have yet to establish themselves as proven stars. There's definitely room for them to get a lot better, but it's unlikely James can lead them to the promised land next season. The Lakers' front office seems to understand this, signing Javale McGee, Rajon Rondo and Lance Stephenson to one-year contracts. With James signed to a four year deal and even more talent available next offseason, Los Angeles is smart to be patient. They may have no choice because...

The Warriors Still Run The NBA

@NBAMemes The more things change, the more they stay the samehttps://twitter.com/NBAMemes/status/10091634149863...

LeBron moving to LA made a ton of noise, but that didn't change who was the best in the west. Kevin Durant resigning confirmed that, but the Warriors couldn't help but get better. Just a day after James made his deal with the Lakers, Golden State agreed to a one-year deal for DeMarcus Cousins, an all-star center considered to be one of the best in the league. While this was a gut punch to everyone else in the league, this doesn't mean the next season should be cancelled. There wasn't much of a market for Cousins, with his temper and ruptured achilles being major red flags. The injury is especially hard because it happened late last season and players who have it are never the same afterwards, Cousins won't be back for a while, and when he is, he may not be the player we remember. The Warriors are still the Warriors though, so even if Cousins never plays a game, they'll still be favorites to win it all. Again.

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