Lebron James: 5 Things I Would Like To Thank My Hero For

Lebron James: 5 Things I Would Like To Thank My Hero For

Thank you for teaching me the most important life lessons.

NBA superstar, Lebron James is my hero. I am inspired by his abilities to play basketball, but more than that the wonderful qualities he posses as a human being.

1. Hard work is everything. Lebron James despite being a three time NBA Champion, and 4 time MVP still plays like he has something to prove. He is second highest in minutes played per game. The list goes on and on. I am inspired by his work ethic and drive to be consistent. In college, consistency is key and having the motivation to sustain the pressure is essential. Watching Lebron James, strengthens my motivation to strive for greatness in my own life.

2. Home is the where the heart is. When Lebron James made the move from his previous team, The Miami Heat, he decided to go back to his hometown of Cleveland to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He rebuilt the team and won another championship in 2016. I learned that is is essential to be grounded to your roots and where you come from. Being in college, it is easy to lose touch with home, especially if you live on campus and only come home for holidays. However, it is vital to understand that home is where your loved ones reside and it is important to feel and strengthen the connection you have with it.

3. Become a leader, but someone who brings out the best in others. Lebron James is tremendous leader and has proven it from time to time. His leadership is showcased through other players. When other players play under the leadership of James, they become better and mature basketball players. He encourages and teaches them as well as shows them a vision of what it would be like to achieve the greatest success. In my own life, I strive to be a leader, not to show off my power but to make a difference in the world by helping people. Compassion drives my desire to become a leader.

4. Have faith in god. After Lebron James won his championship in 2016, in an emotional interview he quoted that. "God does not put you through anything that you cannot handle". This is a beautiful quote because it tells you that you are capable of handling what life throws at you because of the inner strength that you posses. This is very inspiring because it gives you perspective on life, that you have to fight through life with a strong mind and a compassionate heart.

5. Family will always have your back. James is a family man. He is always talking about his mother, wife, and kids. He constantly credits them for keeping him humbled and values the time that he has to spend with them. In my own experiences, my family has always supported me and helped me through tough times. At the end of the day, they are the only people who are actually going to pick you up when you have fallen down. Keeping my family as close as possible is very important to me.

Thank You Lebron, for being my hero and constantly teaching me on how to be a better person everyday.

So much love for you.

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Boston Celtics Top 5 First Half Plays

After a crazy first half to an incredible season, I take a look at my five favorite plays/moments

With the halfway point of the NBA season finally here, I decided for this article instead of giving hot takes, to go down a more fun route pick my 5 favorite plays/moments from the first half of this incredibly fun Celtics season. These plays are in no particular order and are just 5 of my favorite plays so if a better play is behind the one you think is not as great, there is no ranking system.

1) Kyrie splits the Bucks defense

When watching this play develop I see Kyrie slowly dribbling in and then all of the sudden he's double teamed and the shot clock is low usually means a not so great situation. But this is Kyrie Irving, the guy with the best handles in the league just splits the defense and makes the floater. I could just pick 10 plays from Kyrie this year and that would make this list but there were other nice plays, so let's continue.

2) Jayson Tatum dunks on Karl Anthony-Towns

May I just remind everyone that Tatum is just 19. No way 19-year-olds should be doing what he's doing with the season he is having. If it was not for Ben Simmons, Tatum would be rookie of the year. Seeing Tatum dunk over a like KAT is so impressive because he's a center and just makes you more and more excited to see what Tatum can turn into if he's showing this fearlessness early in his career.

3) 19-0 Third Quarter run against the Warriors

When watching this game, it was starting to get ugly real quick and I didn't have the greatest feeling. But it was this 19-0 run that more or less sealed the game for the Celtics by getting all the momentum and playing a smart 4th to give them the win.

4) The last 18.4 seconds against the Rockets

Similar to the Warriors game, I hated everything about this game until the middle of the 3rd onward. The Celtics came back with amazing defense and smart shot selection and at the end of the game, this was helped them win. It could be one of the craziest sequences I've seen in a long time, but the Celtics played smart basketball and forced dumb mistakes by Houston.

5) Jaylen 'dunks on LeBron'

While the play is not what you think is getting dunked on, it was close enough. This was from the first game of the season and Jaylen just blows right by LeBron and wants zero to do with Jaylen. I love this play because it showed Jaylen is still going to be aggressive and does not care who is guarding him. He will take it to the hoop and that's the thing I like about Jaylen. If he can polish his handles and control his effort level, he can be real good at getting to the basket and drawing contact or dunking in spectacular fashion. Plus this dunk led to one of my favorite pictures from this season:

Cover Image Credit: WSBuzz

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Championship Weekend Preview

Who will emerge victorious and advance to Super Bowl LII?

And then, there were four.

Just like every year, it seems like it was only yesterday that we had just kicked off this season. Yet here we are, on the cusp of Championship Weekend to determine who our Super Bowl contenders will be. The pretenders have been weeded out, and now we are left with a final four that is perhaps the most unique we’ve ever seen.

Yes, the mainstay New England Patriots are yet again competing for another Super Bowl appearance as they have reached the AFC title game for a historic seventh straight season.

However, they are the only returning power. Not only were the other three teams not in the playoffs last year, none of them even finished with a winning record in 2016. Minnesota was treading water at 8-8, Philadelphia struggled to finish 7-9, and the Jaguars experienced yet another disappointing 3-13 campaign.

Now, all three are one win away from competing in the Super Bowl. The Vikings and Eagles were the top two seeds in the NFC at 13-3, and the 10-6 Jaguars are on somewhat of a 2007 New York Giants-esque run. In an era of offensive passing dominance, these three squads have gotten to where they are on the backs of suffocating defenses and power running.

It may still be hard for some people to comprehend any scenario where quarterbacks like Blake Bortles, Nick Foles, and Case Keenum are competing for a title, let alone winning one. Especially when juxtaposed against Tom Brady. Yet each of these teams is here for a reason, and still have a path to a championship.

Philadelphia Eagles – Once MVP candidate Carson Wentz was lost, all Super Bowl hype went down with him. Many, including yours truly, saw them as the kings of “one and done” this postseason. Philly proved us all wrong by upsetting last year’s NFC champs by shutting out Atlanta in the second half and playing mistake-free football.

  • Their path to victory: As great as Philly’s defense is, it can only take them so far. I believe the best chance they have is if Nick Foles finds his 2013 (and this year’s Week 15) self. Until Tom Brady usurped him for the top spot last year, Foles held the NFL record for best touchdown-to-interception ratio ever. Foles has the talent, and if he can put it together, the Eagles might be raising the Lombardi.

Jacksonville Jaguars – Written off by everyone, including their opponent, the Jaguars stormed into the Steel City and absolutely worked Pittsburgh. I mentioned this Jags team has a bit of a 2007 Giants vibe, and there’s one reason for that: Tom Coughlin. After leaving the Giants last season, Coughlin returned home to Jacksonville as their Executive Vice President of Football Operations. Coughlin’s influence has been felt immensely, especially with acquiring wildly talented defensive line personnel.

  • Their path to victory: The Jags are probably the largest underdogs of the weekend by virtue of playing in New England. However, their defense is built identical to the type of defenses that have historically given Brady and the Patriots issues. Similar to the Broncos of 2015 and… Coughlin’s New York Giants. The Jags offense doesn’t have to be stellar, just efficient. Play keep away from explosive offenses and let the defense key off on opposing quarterbacks. If they can find a way to steal a win over the Patriots, don’t be surprised if this unlikely team finds themselves as favorites in LII.

New England Patriots – The reigning champions. Yet again, Brady and Belichick find themselves staring down another shot at the Super Bowl. Last year they set the record for most Super Bowl appearances at nine, and now they could easily extend that record to ten. New England is tied with the 49ers and Cowboys with five World Championships apiece, and in need of only one more to tie the Steelers for most in NFL history.

  • Their path to victory: The Vikes, Jags, and Eags may all be defensively driven teams, but the offense is the straw that stirs the Pats drink. Tom Brady is playing like anything but a 40-year-old as he led the League in passing yards. For the first time in his career, Brady had three skill players compile at least 1,000 yards from scrimmage. Their offensive attack is wildly versatile. They also have experience on their side. Bortles will be starting his third ever playoff game on Sunday. Brady will be playing in his 36th. Whoever he faces if he were to advance to his 8th Super Bowl will have no more than four total playoff starts.

Minnesota Vikings – Perhaps the team with the absolute best story, the Vikings are in the midst of one of their most special seasons in franchise history. Posting their best win total since the famed 15-1 1998 squad, Minnesota is returning to the NFC championship since the 2009 season. How they got to this point is something truly special. Led by what is essentially their 3rd string quarterback (counting Bridgewater, too), Keenum has played exceptional football. He hasn’t just been a stop-gap game manager, he’s played like some of the best in the League.

  • Their path to victory: The Jaguars may have the best defense in the League, but the Vikings aren’t far behind. They are fourth best on third down, while their offense is top ten on third downs. They can extend drives and stop opponents exceptionally well. However, if the Vikings were to be able to make the Super Bowl, they’d have one advantage that no other team has ever had: a legitimate home game. With that rabid fan base starving for a championship, there’s no telling how the Vikings would be able to feed off that. Or how it would affect their AFC opponent.

What I want to see: There’s something to like about all four teams. With Seattle out of it, I’m rooting for stories. Right now, there isn’t a better story out there than the Minnesota Vikings taking on the reigning champion Patriots. It would be the ultimate David v. Goliath. The perennial contenders versus a team that has been bogged down in NFL mediocrity and honestly feels cursed.

The Vikings playoff history has been one that has been defined by an unusual amount of horrifically freak plays always going against them. Watching Keenum connect with Diggs for the now-iconic “Minneapolis Miracle” makes you feel glad that something finally went their way. That could very well be a turning point in Minnesota’s history. This Vikings team has a low-key team-of-destiny feel. Watching them face off against Brady in a home Super Bowl is a story that would be damn near impossible to top.

Cover Image Credit: Instagram | @patriots

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