My Experience With The Nexplanon Sucked
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My Experience With The Nexplanon Is Something I Wouldn't Even Wish Upon My Worst Enemy

Chief called and She said that it was not it.

My Experience With The Nexplanon Is Something I Wouldn't Even Wish Upon My Worst Enemy
Emilia Rodriguez-Vera

I got on birth control when the new year began.

I decided on the Nexplanon as a few friends had recommended it to me and also to be able to hide it from my family. It was one of the few options that are discreet and be effective for a long time. I was afraid of getting the IUD and I heard nightmares about the Nuvaring, shot, and patch so the Nexplanon seemed like my best bet.

But oh no it was not.

The procedure was not too bad since the doctor numbed my arm to insert the implant and even the aftercare was not too much of a hassle even though my arm was sore for a few days.

I was immediately feeling the hormones affecting my mental health as it was making my depression a lot worse. I began noticed the weight gain and my face clearing up slowly but surely.

After getting my first period on the implant, my flow was not as heavy as I used to get them but my period lasted two weeks instead of the typical six days pre-birth control. Then, a couple after my period was over, I began to spot every day.

Pretty much everyday for 4. MONTHS. STRAIGHT. OF. BLEEDING.

It was annoying because this spotting had me changing my underwear frequently. I went through so many pads, pantyliners, and tampons for someone not having an actual period.

During this time I didn't experience a period, just daily spotting. This spotting made me self conscious about my body since I couldn't control my bleeding and made me afraid to continue being sexually active because I did not want to bleed in the middle of sexual intercourse.

The entire time I had the implant, I was miserable and I hated it. I then opted for opinions on the IUD since I wanted to change my birth control immediately and also wanted to keep hiding it from my family. My doctor suggested the IUD but there were two options, the hormonal and the non-hormonal (copper IUD). With the hormonal, my spotting could still continue to haunt me and with the non-hormonal, my period would go back to normal but I would cramp and bleed a lot during my period. I ultimately chose to get the copper IUD as it is discreet, is effective for up to 10 years, and didn't contain any hormones.

I got my implant taken out a couple of days after I got my IUD inserted (which hurt like a real bitch that I almost broke the nurse's hand that I was holding during the procedure) but I have to say it was worth the pain.

I am so much more happier without the implant and all the unfavorable symptoms I endured from it. Although, the cramps can get very painful and the bleeding is heavier with the copper IUD, I prefer it so much more.

My periods are back to being on a regular cycle and I am not bleeding every single day from it and it's not affecting my mental health whatsoever.

My experience is not one that speaks for others except my own so although I do not recommend it, it might work for another person who might not suffer any of the symptoms I endured. Always talk to your doctor about the best option for you and if you're unhappy with the option you have, change to another one if you have the ease to do so.

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