My Experience in a Different College Town

My goal each year of my college experience is to go to at least one away game and cheer on the bulldogs from the visitor section.

When the opportunity came up for my friends and I go to go to the Auburn v.s. Mississippi State game, since one of my friends is from the town of Auburn, I jumped on the opportunity and said yes very quickly. There was about twelve of us that went and we all stayed at her beautiful home that was twenty minutes away from the campus and the downtown life of Auburn.

Let me start on by saying the town is absolutely beautiful filled with lush trees and interesting architecture. The entire campus of Auburn is extremely uniform and professional looking and very modern and up to date on the inside of buildings. Everyone was super nice and cheerful as if it was like every person I came in contact with was like I had known them my whole life. Even when we were getting beat very badly, the Auburn fans never once said rude things or turned their noses up at me and my friends. When we got the stadium we sat down and looked out to a whole arena filled with orange and blue pom poms. They were all yelling "War Eagle Hey!!!!" and right before the game was my favorite part. The reason that the beginning was my favorite part was because before every game starts a bald eagle circles the field and then at the very last second drops onto the field to pick up an animal or something but during that everyone is cheering and waving pom poms and it was such an honor to see the traditions of another college.

The one thing that I took away from Auburn Alabama was the people were amazing and if I had a second choice as to where I could go to college it would be to Auburn University!

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