My Boyfriend Doesn't Give Me Butterflies
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My Boyfriend Doesn't Give Me Butterflies

He gives me so much more

My Boyfriend Doesn't Give Me Butterflies
Ryan Franco

My boyfriend doesn't give me butterflies.

I don't get excited like a young girl seeing her crush in the hallways, not anymore. I don't (always) squeal with excitement when we makes plans; and I don't really get butterflies anymore.

No, instead, my boyfriend gives me peace.

When I'm with him, he calms me. My anxieties of the day are swept away, I have no worries or fear. I feel like nothing else in the world really fully matters. For a moment in my busy, anxiety ridden life, I feel calm.

My boyfriend gives me security.

Like your favorite blanket when you're a little kid, or the comfort of a stuffed animal while you sleep; my boyfriend makes me feel secure. When I cuddle up to him, and our heart beats slowly match paces, I realize that I am safe. The fears I have and the worries that consume me can't hurt me when I'm there.

My boyfriend gives me satisfaction.

I could never be satisfied for so long. I chased after guy after guy, feeling more broken each time. I broke myself into pieces, over and over, until I hated myself. My boyfriend has found a way to pick up those pieces and help me see how beautiful each one is. He tells me how much I mean to him, he never lets me talk bad about myself. He helps me become more satisfied with myself, something I never thought I could be.

My boyfriend gives me everything.

I will never get over the excitement of being with the love of my life. Everyday we grow together, as individuals and as a couple; and we encourage each other to be our best selves. My boyfriend is my knight and my king. He would bring me the universe if it made me happy, but he is my universe. He would do everything in his power to cheer me up, to help me love myself, and to make me feel loved and secured. Not only does my boyfriend give me everything; he is my everything.

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