Summer is here, finally, and after a long school year full of deadlines and endless lists of responsibilities, it's finally time to relax and let out a nice, long sigh of relief. Schools out, scream and shout!

With all the excitement of it finally being summer, you may forget what items you'll need to have a fun, carefree, and successful summer. So remember, ditch the books and calculator and instead, pick up these 7 must-have items.

1. Sunnies

For all you old folk -- this first item means sunglasses ;). Sunnies are not only a necessity to protect your eyes from the harsh summer rays, but they're a cute accessory too!


This one's in all caps for a reason. Sunscreen, sunblock, sun-tan lotion, or whatever you call it, is so incredibly important to remember this summer. Not only is getting sunburned painful and definitely not cute, but sun-caused skin damage is a huge issue that people often ignore. So get out there, lather up, and enjoy the day!

3. A good book

You may call be boring, but I prefer reading a book when sitting by the beach or pool than any other form of entertainment. There are so many awesome summer reads out there that are just dying to be go find one!

4. A cute hat

Whether it be a baseball hat or a big straw beach hat, make sure you find one (or a few) to rock this summer! They're cute and protect your head from the sun!

5. Face mist

Let's face it -- the summer months are hot. To cool off, give yourself a refreshing spritz of your favorite face mist! I recommend Evian's Facial Spray.

6. Deodorant

You need it, I need it, everyone needs it. Sweating is inevitable during the summer, but let's do something about that with a little bit (or a lotta bit) of your favorite deodorant!

7. Hydrating beverages

Being dehydrated is no fun, trust me, I've been there. Stay hydrated this summer with your drink of choice whether it be regular water, La Croix, lemonade, iced tea, or maybe something with a bit more fun added to it...