It's summer and everyone's taking road trips. What makes a good car ride? Good music, duh. If you are running short on some songs to pass the time in the car, here is a list of some of my recent favorites.

Goodbyes by Post Malone ft. Young Thug

This song is Post Malone's most recent release, and one of my favorite songs by him. If you're looking for a catchy, yet mellow tune to listen to, this is for you. The storyline of this song tells the struggle of letting someone go and the back and forth between wanting someone in your life and needing them out of it. Overall, just a 10/10 song for me. Give it a listen.

Yesterday by The Beatles

So, there's this new movie out called "Yesterday," which I'm absolutely in love with. If you haven't watched this movie please watch it. The plot is so original and the music is all Beatles music, so it's obviously good. Watching this got me back into listening to The Beatles and one of my all-time favorites, "Yesterday." This song is a mellow, acoustic song about how everything can be perfect one moment can fall apart the next. Sounds depressing, but a very good song.

Beautiful People by Ed Sheeran ft. Khalid

I don't usually listen to pop music, but the message of this song is so good, I have it on repeat. The whole premise is that a guy and his girlfriend are trying to fit in with a group of high-class, "beautiful people," when in reality, they aren't like that. Not everyone has to be "beautiful." Also, it doesn't hurt that Khalid's beautiful voice is in this.

Panini by Lil Nas X

I was so, so excited when this came out because I was extremely tired of hearing Old Town Road. I'm so happy Lil Was is able to produce actual good music! This song is more on the rap side, so, if you don't like rap, keep scrolling. The beat of this song is mellow and the chorus is really catchy. I definitely have had this song on repeat for about a week now.

New House by Rex Orange County

I'm a huge Rex Orange County fan and would put every single one of their songs on here if I could, but this is their most recent release. This song is about picturing a future with your significant other and making it through the present. It's a little different from their past stuff, but I would definitely still giving it a listen.

So, I hope you try out all these songs and I especially hope they get you through your car ride. Have a great time wherever you are headed!