A Lil Music Adventure

The start of 2019 marked a shift in my personal Instagram page. I was getting annoyed at myself because, though I didn't want them to, likes and comments had started to affect what I felt I should post. Then I realized, I am almost 20 years old, and I am truly over caring what others will think of me. I am just going to be myself, and let others do the same. I missed the days of Instagram where I would fearlessly post a picture of me sprawled on the ground after a ski crash or a close up picture of a washable Tigger tattoo from Disney World. Instagram was just an app where I could post and talk about things I liked, and I wanted that kind of freedom back. With those memories in mind, I decide to care less about Instagram and just have fun with the app (it's intended purpose).

For me, that meant sharing whatever and whenever I wanted. I love to create things whether it be this article right here, a fun dance routine, a song I wrote, or maybe a funny video I put together with my friends, and I decided that if I am proud of what I made, why not share it with my friends. In addition to a shift in content, I also made it a goal for myself to stop checking how many likes my picture got, who liked the picture, and how many followers I have. Because one thing I know for sure is an Instagram page does not make or define a person, but sometimes, however silly it seems, it really can feel that way.

Anyway, one other thing I wanted to start doing with my new Instagram mentality was to find other talented individuals and appreciate their own artistic drive, process, and products. I found myself enjoying going through other creators pages, and finding unique photography, graphics, art, and music. I followed one person from Atlanta whose Instagram name was, oneprophet, who, among other things, produced and made beats, and that is where this story starts.

One day about a week ago I was casually scrolling through my feed when I noticed I had a new Instagram DM (exciting). Usually, my Instagram DMs consist of my friends sending me silly videos or memes, or strange men sending sentences of broken English and many emojis. This was neither. The message I received was from this person, oneprophet, who after looking through my page saw that I sing and make music. His message was a simple thank you for the follow because he thought my voice was amazing and needed to hear it. It was honestly one of the nicest and most needed messages I've received.

I eagerly responded telling him how much I enjoyed his content and music and was so happy to hear he liked my songs. From there, without knowing really who each other were, we decided to collaborate on a song. I personally, knowing little about how music production or recording worked, had no idea if this could actually work. I mean I was in Wyoming while the other person I was to work and collaborate with was in Georgia. Nonetheless, I was interested, excited, and eager to see if this would work.

To start this process, my new friend, who I now know the name is Sama, asked me what kind of beats or melodies I was interested in singing to. This was exciting to me because, though I love the guitar, my limited ability does limit the diversity of the songs I can produce. Having someone else in charge of beats and accompaniment was a welcomed relief.

After sending him a few songs that I liked, Sama created and sent me an instrumental track. It was smooth and jazzy but had a good beat and bass which are all things I love. From there I listened to the song until I knew where a verse, chorus, and bridge would fit in. The song itself was one I had been wanting to write for a while, and actually has a lot of cool and intricate meanings to it. The explanation and dissection of it are too long to put into this article, but I think I will write about it next time.

Anyway, after I finished writing the song, I tried to record it over the instrumental track. It went terribly. Due to my lack of sound engineering skill, a terrible microphone, and a bad operating system, I was left with a weird, noise-filled song. Defeated, I sent what I made to Sama, and in reply, he asked me to just send him the vocal track alone, and he would do the mixing. This was music to my ears, and I eagerly sent him a few recordings of just me singing. Recorded and sent through my iPhone. Very professional. Once I did that my job was done, and I just had to wait.

About three days later I received an email with the finished audio, and it was more than I ever expected. Sama had layered and stacked the recordings I sent him, creating a groovy sound. I was ecstatic with the final product, and I hope Sama was too.

After that, with the help of Sama's girlfriend, I made the cover art, and off the song went to Soundcloud.

This whole interaction really taught me about the power and benefit of social media. When you use it the right way great things can come from it, and you can make your connections you would have never found otherwise. It really is quite cool, and I am pretty excited to see what comes next from this collaboration, and maybe others!

Also, check out the song! I think it is pretty cool and would love for you to take a listen.

That's all from me,


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