It's Monday and you know what that means: new music! If you haven't already, you definitely need to add Moon Taxi and Goodbye June to your radar because they're currently killing the music scene.

Moon Taxi, an indie-alternative rock band based out of Tennessee, has been gaining momentum since their humble beginning in 2006 when Trevor Terndrup, Tommy Putnam, Spencer Thomson, Tyler Ritter, and Wes Bailey started the band while at Belmont University. After the successful release of four incredibly well-received albums, the band continues to deliver music that they feel will one, be appreciated by their fanbase, and two, have a positive effect on society. They've just finished their "Put Em Up" tour but they're currently gearing up to play shows in Olso, Norway and Stockholm, Sweden. After those shows, they'll be returning to the states in early December to play the Ogden Theatre in Denver, Colorado, and then later the iconic venue The Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia.

Their newest release, "Two High", has over 64 million streams on Spotify and offers up cool electronic beats that make the song so easy to listen, and jam to. Though released in the fall, there's a definite summer vibe about this song that makes it clear it will stick around. The music video itself shows happy scenes of both the band and their fans living life, both at their shows and elsewhere. This song encourages peace which is a big theme of the video itself with the band, and their fans throwing up peace signs. To watch this video (Click Here).

Goodbye June, like Moon Taxi, is also based out of Nashville, Tennesse. Relatively new to the rock band scene cousins, Landon Milbourn, Brandon Qualkenbush, and Tyler Baker were signed by Interscope Records in June of 2016. Don't let their "rookie" status fool you, with their song "Good Side" it's clear that even though they're newbies they can still run with the big dogs. With a following of over 400,000 followers and 15 million and growing streams on Spotify, they're making a solid name for themselves. Goodbye June is going to be touring throughout December joined by rock bands, Whiskey Myers and Greta Van Fleet. They'll be playing a hometown show in Nashville, Tennesse on the 13th of December which will no doubt be a special experience.

Their new music video for "Good Side", which you can access (here) offers up psychedelic rock vibes and equally catchy beats. Their debut album, Magic Valley is available for streaming on YouTube, Spotify, and Pandora.