21 Songs From My 400-Song Soundcloud Playlist
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21 Songs From My 400-Song Soundcloud Playlist

Songs that guarentte a good jam session.

21 Songs From My 400-Song Soundcloud Playlist

Do you like remixes? All different genres of music? Or want to venture into some new music? Soundcloud is the place for you! I've heard different opinions about Soundcloud, but personally this is my favorite music browser. I even have Soundcloud Go, which is only ten dollars a month and I can listen to all the music I want, ad free! When you're new to Soundcloud, finding music you like can be a challenge; especially if you don't have friends who use Soundcloud. Here are some of my favorite songs from my playlist that are always a good jam.

1) What if I go? - Mura Masa


2) Show Me Love - (Skrillex Remix) ft. Chance the Rapper, Moses Sumney, Robin Hannibal


3) Blackbear - Idfc (Tarro Remix)


4) Jack U - Take U There ft. Kieza


5) Flume - Say It ft. Tove Lo


6) Quinn XCII - Another Day in Paradise


7) Zella Day - Compass (Louis The Child Remix)


8) Clean Bandit - Real Love


9) ODESZA - All We Need (ft. Shy Girls)


10) DENM - Green


11) Lost Kings - Phone Down


12) DVBBS & CMC$ - Not Going Home ft. Gia Koka


13) Party Pupils - Pony


14) Jai Wolf - Like It's Over (Party Pupils Remix)


15) MO - Final Song (Jauz X Diplo Remix)


16) Jocelyn Alice - Feels Right (Galloway Remix)


17) Sevyn Streeter - Don't Kill The Fun (Troyboi Remix)


18) SMLE - Halo ft. Helen Tess


19) Overdose (Linear X Mevans edit)


20) Love Like We Used To (Party Pupils Remix)


21) Smoked Filled Room vs The Buzz (Make/Hermitude)


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