Always Searching For New Music

I sincerely miss listening to the radio while driving.

I'm not saying it wouldn't be nice to have a car at college with me, but I've learned to live without one. I just miss being able to hear new music on an almost daily basis. I love going home from school just to hear something new.

Don't get me wrong, I love those playlists Spotify makes to try to get you to listen to new music, but sometimes it's just hit or miss. I appreciate the weekly playlists but there's a limited number of songs on them - and I always want more.

The radio is just large. It also isn't playing songs that are curated towards me so I'm truly finding something I probably would not have found by myself. I stumble upon some of my favorite songs that are from related artists or if they're in the same genre I usually listen to, but with the radio I completely fall into new things.

I can't imagine listening to one genre or one artist all the time. I definitely have songs that I like more but I can love them while finding new music. There's so much music out there - why would I limit myself to anything? That like going to a buffet and only choosing one food to eat the whole time.

I will listen to almost anything. When I describe my taste I'll tell people I like Little Richard from the 50s to today's top hits and everything you can think of in between. Listening to whatever pops up gave me an appreciation for music in general. It also made me really good at song trivia.

I know I'll keep finding new music simply because it's everywhere. It comes from friends, from TV and movies, the radio, and even just random places you happen to be. I welcome all of it, unless it's Christmas music before Thanksgiving.

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