Muscular Women

10 Struggles All Muscular Women Understand

The struggle is real...


Women's body types have been a hot topic of conversation for years, and we know all the labels: pear-shaped, apple-shaped, thin, curvy, plus size, skinny, hourglass, "slim-thicc"...the adjectives go on forever. People seem to forget that muscular women often have a type all their own, and may not fit into one box because of their unique features! Here are some things that make athletic women say, "Relatable!"

1. Finding clothes to fit your body type

If the jeans fit over your quads, they most certainly will be too big in the waist, and vice versa. Forget about boots that come past your ankles; you know your calves won't allow for that mess! And don't get me started on t-shirt sleeves that fit your biceps like a blood pressure cuff.

2. "So are you a cheerleader or a gymnast?"

Because apparently, if you're a woman with muscle, you can only be one of the two...unless you're a Crossfitter. No other female athletes, coaches, or physical professions.

3. Getting asked to fight someone

I don't want it to come to that, but it might if you keep saying dumb crap. How can you tell that just by looking at me, anyway? Fit does not equal aggressive.

4. "You look like a dude!"

I honestly cannot believe that this is a thing that is ever said, but it is. It's rude, misogynistic, and just wildly inaccurate.

5. Randos telling you that your muscle is "hot"

Usually, the people that say this don't actually know the women they're talking to, making the conversation very awkward and frustrating. Our muscle isn't for you anyways, it's for us! It serves our needs, not anyone else's.

6. "Do you ever eat?"

All. The. Time. Contrary to popular belief, muscle tone requires constant calorie intake to make up for how much you lose in exercise. And it's not all kale chips and quinoa either! Give me my chips!

7. That accomplished feeling of using your muscle in everyday life

Your buddy needs a lift? You got it! Late for class? Run those stairs like it's nothing! The possibilities for daily use of your muscles are endless!

8. "Will you train me?"

I'm trying to make a living off of coaching others, but sure, I'll give you privates for free...KIDDING! SHOW ME THE MONEY!

9. Backless shirts/dresses are everything

There's just no better reward for all those back/arm strength days.

10. The pros/cons of losing a bra size

Active women often lose chest mass as a result of constant activity. This can take some getting used to, but it often comes with its perks (no pun intended.) You are opened up to a whole new world of bralettes, bandeaus, and sun dresses!

The world of fit females has its ups and downs, but at the end of the day, you know your body well and you're aware of its value. It does Wonder Woman things for you every single day, and that's something to be proud of! No matter the commentary that anyone else has about your features and strengths, what matters is that you love yourself unconditionally, gains and all.

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8 Female Fitness YouTubers you Should Know

If you want to gain strength AND look and feel amazing, follow these powerful females!

Ladies! How many times have you heard that women who lift weights are "too bulky" or "masculine" or "look like a man?" Well.... that's false. If you don't believe me, check out these fitness YouTubers who will tell you themselves!

1) Robin Gallant

Though originally from Canada, Gallant is taking over the world one day at a time. Her videos are filled with content that is not only informative and super helpful but also completely backed by science and research so you have no choice BUT to believe her every word.

Instagram: @robingallantt

Youtube: Robin Gallant

2) Amanda Bucci

Originally a bikini competitor who recently switched over to powerlifting, Bucci shares with her viewers all the ups and downs of competition life: bulking, dieting, effective training tips, and so much more.

Instagram: @amandabuccifit

YouTube: Amanda Bucci

3) Emily Duncan

More commonly known as Em Dunc, Duncan is a young college student who loves the sport of bodybuilding. As a kinesiology major, she uploads videos that are valuable to both new and experienced lifters by discussing topics such as biomechanics, recovery tips, and more.

Instagram: @em_dunc

YouTube: Em Dunc

4) Heidi Somers

Known as buffbunny in the fitness industry, Heidi is a goofy, charming girl from San Antonio, Texas. She posts videos that include full workout routines, meal prep ideas, and fun vlogs.

Instagram: @buffbunny

YouTube: Heidi Somers

5) Megan Gallagher

Gallagher is famously known as megsquats in the industry. She is a strong powerlifter whose videos are filled with her awesome lifts and effective techniques to improve your own strength.

Instagram: @megsquats

YouTube: megsquats

6) Emily Hayden

Emily Hayden is constantly posting motivational videos on her channel. She is all about dedication to the sport and improving you. Through her videos, you will instantly feel motivated to go to the gym and kill your workout.

Instagram: @emilyhaydenfitness

YouTube: Emily Hayden

7) Whitney Simmons

Whitney Simmons, who refers to herself as "Whit," is easily one of the most relatable girls on YouTube. In her videos, she often takes you through her intense workouts, gives details on how to perform each exercise and the number of sets and reps to complete so that you can easily follow along with her!

Instagram: @whitneyysimmons

YouTube: Whitney Simmons

8) Chelsea Karabin

ChelseaLifts is a girl who not only insanely strong but also really cool and chill. Her videos show you all about the world of powerlifting and teach you how to be the strongest you can be.

Instagram: @chelsealifts

YouTube: ChelseaLifts

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The Relaxing Physical Activity For The Person Who Loves Competition

How rock climbing changed my view on what it means to challenge yourself.


I recently went rock climbing with my friends and walked away excited, proud, and craving more. In high school, I participated in competitive activities like tennis or tryouts to make the band. While I love these activities and don't see them leaving my life anytime soon, rock climbing changed my perspective on what accomplishment can feel like.

In sports, especially when competing in tournaments or for a spot, the fun of the game can be overshadowed by not-too-friendly competitors. It makes sense because everyone is fighting to win and prove that they deserve to be on the team. However, the relationship between everyone becomes more invested in maintaining a position than having fun and creating a family. Don't get me wrong, I love this highly-competitive arena, but rock climbing was the first time I had done something where I did not feel the need to compete with those around me.

One of my best friends coaxed me into going to a place about an hour away from my home. I was nervous to climb in front of others since it was my first time in years, however, my friend assured me it would be fine. It turns out she was 100% correct! We went with two other girls who were both very experienced and belayed us up and down walls. They were extremely supportive, and my best friend and I found ourselves attempting to defeat walls we never would have dreamed of climbing alone.

Climbing can definitely be competitive, but when surrounded by the right people, it gives you a chance to grow. It taught me that my biggest competition is with myself. My nervousness to embarrass myself in front of others was holding me back. When I truly started feeling comfortable, the main competitor was the wall. I found myself feeling like I was on a team that did not need to compete with each other but wanted everyone to succeed at their own rates. It was a great experience to feel fully supported and encouraged without the side order of having to constantly maintain rank.

I would recommend rock climbing to any overly competitive person like myself! It helps you challenge your own boundaries instead of other's and will help you to reflect on what it means to challenge yourself, mind and body, and how you work to overcome obstacles.

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