You may have seen ads on TV or social media about a show called "Mr. Robot." The ads make it seem dark and mysterious, and that really is how the show plays out.

It takes place in New York City and features a young man named Elliot. He works for a cyber security company and experiences depression, anxiety and drug addiction problems. This hinders his job responsibility and gets him in some shady situations. Though he works for a security company, he is also a hacker for “F Society,” a group trying to bring down the world’s biggest corporation. He was mysteriously brought into “F Society” by a man known as Mr. Robot, hence where the show gets its name from.

With the things Elliot goes through, from wanting to seek revenge for his dad and dealing with mental problems that millions of Americans suffer with too, this show makes you feel very attached to him and his problems. I feel as though some shows don’t go for themes this deep, and this makes for something different, like a breath of fresh air.

The first season premiered last year around this time and the second season is premiering on Wednesday, July 13. If the description mentioned sounds interesting, I highly recommend binge-watching the show on demand or online before the next season starts. You won’t want to miss out on it!