Moving Out Of Your Dorm, As Told By 'Gilmore Girls'
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Student Life

Moving Out Of Your Dorm, As Told By 'Gilmore Girls'

Dorm sweet dorm.

Moving Out Of Your Dorm, As Told By 'Gilmore Girls'

Move-in day was all about 20 minutes ago. Now it's the end of the school year, and you have to say goodbye to your roommates, resident assistant and friends you met on different floors. This is the place you called home for almost 10 months, and it won't be after a few days. You will feel a mix of emotions, since move-out day symbolizes the ultimate end to the first year of college. You'll be stubborn, annoyed, frustrated and mostly sad, but in the end you will come to terms with one year ending and another beginning.

1. Finals are over, time to sleep.

After hours of studying, endless coffee and test taking, you can breathe and actually get some sleep. Maybe you should have started some of the packing in between finals week.

2. Just kidding, you have to pack.

The clothes and boxes everywhere aren't going to move themselves. Not to mention you still have to check in to your flight, return textbooks and clean the bathroom and shower before check out time.

3. Realizing you can't do this alone.

Bedding, school materials, shoes, clothes, food and so much more has to be packed. Moving out is not a one-man job, and calling in the troops will take some stress off! Most people will have left already or are busy packing up their rooms, so ask for a family member to come down.

4. "Where do you want this?"

Chances are everyone else is busy packing up their belongings and figuring out where to store the stuff they are leaving behind, so they will just offer to be courteous. I don't know about you, but I like knowing where everything is, even if I just throw everything together.

5. Regretting all the stuff you brought.

Seriously, the bean bag and 10 boxes of ramen were not necessary. Only bring what you need and buy after so you don't get stuck with a bunch of additional stuff!

6. Gathering the materials.

Scotch tape, sharpie markers, scissors and, of course, coffee are packing essentials. Caffeine is the only thing stopping you from passing out on the floor after the week you've had.

7. Divide and conquer.

Folding the boxes, filling them, labeling them and moving them where they need to go should each be delegated to a person. There's also cleaning out the fridge, dumping the trash and emptying all drawers.

8. When people start arguing.

This is not the time to fight, everyone. Chances are the room is pretty hot, people are lifting things and someone will say something the other doesn't disagree with. Let's try to minimize the stress with everything else that needs to get done, okay?

9. Letting the guys do the heavy lifting.

Let's be honest, you skipped arm day for a week... or a couple. People contribute in different way, and you are good at delegating and organizing. Besides that's what they are there for, right?

10. Thinking what your parents would say.

You used to get yelled at for not making your bed. Add in dirty dishes, laundry and papers everywhere, and your mom would faint if she saw how your room currently looked like.

11. Feeling nostalgic.

You give emotions to inanimate objects too, right? Your dorm room was where you pulled all-nighters and had movie night with your friends. There is always someone to hang out with and get dinner with in dorm life. You'll miss it, but that only makes you more appreciative.

12. Remembering you have to unpack everything at a point.

Eventually fall term will arrive, and every box and bag taped up will be opened again. Not like that will take hours or anything.

13. Running out of space.

The trunk is full, suitcases are already at their weight limit and there is not time to come up with a way to bring it with the rest of your stuff. You don't really need whatever is left anyway, and don't really care what happens to it. Rather than burning it, donating is a good option!

14. Finishing up.

With a few friends' or a relative's help, you were able to store everything away in a few hours. Now you can squeeze in a nap before check-out time.

When you move out, you'll feel bittersweet. You'll be sad that you can't return to the place where you made a lot of good memories but glad that the first year of your college career is complete, and you will be moving on. Even though you are moving to an apartment, house or different residence hall for second year, the special moments will stay with you. My advice is don't rush the process, because you will wish you could go back to this moment years from now.

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