How I Overcame Anxiety About Change When I Moved On To A New Phase Of Life
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How I Overcame Anxiety About Change When I Moved On To A New Phase Of Life

It's hard to cope with the fact that once a time in your life is over, it's really over.

How I Overcame Anxiety About Change When I Moved On To A New Phase Of Life

“These are the best years of your life” is a sentence most young adults are used to hearing. From graduation parties to family reunions, we know all too well that our college years are fleeting, and after them is a tidal wave of unhappiness and despair. It’s as if adulthood and everything it has to offer has become something to dread. This kind of thinking leads to anxiety, fear, and downright sadness about growth and change!

Life in itself is short. So, naturally, phases of our lives like high school and college, seem to fly by. I’m sure most of us have realized since entering the later part of our teens that time is precious. From my four short years in high school, to my freshman year that passed in the blink of an eye, I’ve come to understand everyone's plea to enjoy these years while they last. And, I agree. I think we should enjoy them, but we should be able to enjoy every phase of our lives, young or old.

Personally, the fear I have that I’ll only have one really amazing part of my life has created a lot of anxiety within me and a strong fear of growing up. Firstly, it has made me afraid of missing out. If I don’t go out every weekend, take chances, or fall in love, will the “best time of my life” be ruined? Will I be doomed to a life of regrets? Secondly, it has made me scared to grow up. I hold on so tightly to these moments, but not exactly because I want to remember them, but more so because I want them to last forever.

However, what I've come to realize is that these years aren't meant to last forever. The fact that life moves on and is constantly changing is what makes it special.

As I inch closer to finishing my first year of college, I've looked inside of myself realized a few things: First, life happens anyway. Whether you want to stay in college forever, or you’re counting down the days until it’s over, sooner or later you will see that life works on its own schedule.

So, instead of focusing on what you can’t control, try harder to enjoy things while you have them. Secondly, realize that there are so many exciting things to come in your life. Enjoy them for now, and remember to feel excited about the future.

The years after college are for finding yourself, traveling, falling in love, messing up, trying again, creating and recreating who you want to be in the world, and, quite frankly, anything you want.

The years after that are for succeeding in your career, or maybe even starting a family. So, enjoy college while it lasts, and cherish its next phase when it comes.

Yes, life is fleeting, but, man, is it beautiful.

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