In a few weeks, I am moving into my first college home, and with three of my best friends. It's a scary thought, having to be financially responsible for so much on my own, and living under the same roof as three people who are just as crazy as me.

It's going to have its ups and downs for sure but it will be the best experience of my life.

It's a little sad.

Knowing you'll have to be responsible for buying and cooking your own food now since you won't have that meal plan, or your parents around to prepare meals for you. And you'll actually have to pay attention to when rent and other bills are due. Your first time doing this can be a terrifying thought, I know I'm scared. You should be excited though! This is a big "adulting" move in your college career. You're moving into your own place, that you're responsible for.

There's a lot you have to do to prepare for this.

Like first, you'll have to make sure you can be financially responsible for your portion of the rent. There's a lot of packing, unpacking and moving that goes into this. Moving back from school and then moving back to school into your new home. And you should probably make sure you and your roommates have furniture figured out... unless you want to watch movies or eat dinner on the living room floor. You may also want some decorations, to make your house look more like home and feel more comfortable to be in.

But it should be a fun experience.

The endless memories living with some of your best friends. Late nights, movies, and inside jokes. Can't forget the multiple closets you'll have to look through when you need something to wear. And all the stupid adventures you'll have from little things like grocery shopping, road trips, or whatever the case may be. It'll be nice being off campus, just not having to pay $3,000 a semester for a place to sleep, when that's what you'll pay in a whole year of rent. And there's so much more space to do whatever you want, maybe have a few people over to watch "The Bachelorette"?

While it may be something you're scared of, it's bound to be such a fun experience, there will be so many fun memories living with your best friends.