Reaching The End Of A Goal

Sometimes I win, sometimes I fail. A lot of times when I go and make my pitch on this new idea or product or venture I been doing for a while, I look at what I have created and what came so far about it. I have a passion for this specific areas in the technological field and many times start thinking to myself. The technologies I try to create are at some points unlike what the world has ever seen. I want to be the type of guy who is creating something impactful, something innovative, something that can benefit humanity for years, decades, even centuries to come.

You can look at the times I get rejected. You can look at what my grand uncle said about me going to struggle to be successful or should beg and work hard for some of the types of connections he has. You can look at all the people who screwed me over in venture deals. You can look at the times I was almost close to winning this or making headlines for this, or almost became rich off this. However, at the last second, something went wrong or an unfair event happened.

I don't care what people say. When I want to create something technologically revolutionary or push for creating an impact, I don't quit. I don't give up. My dreams are my dreams and my struggles are my struggles. I can have a support system here and there or not have one. However, giving up should rarely ever be an option. In fact, in most cases, it is never an option. If I try to tell the end and fail, I try again. My passion is driven by the idea of creating a meaningful change.

Yes, I want to get recognition and make it big. I also want to do that so through changing humanity for the positive. I will never be a sellout. If I am then I am no longer me. It is not about doing the quickest thing but making that change. Seeing something you created potentially change the world for the better. Yes, let me take that risk. Let me make the better mousetrap and try my best to succeed on my terms.

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