Motivation For An Innovated New Year!
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Motivation For An Innovated New Year!

Time for year where we make the best of it.

Motivation For An Innovated New Year!
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HAPPY NEW YEAR. May 2017 bring fortune, blessings, opportunities, and good vibes. Once again the year has taught me that everything changes. Change is good because even if it's a bad change, you end up gaining something from it. There is always a lesson to be learned or an experience to shape you. I spent New Year's Eve reflecting on everything that has happened and was just in awe of how things play out sometimes. My New Years Resolution this year is the same as last year's. Make each moment count, with family, opportunities, learning, inquisitive conversations with complete strangers I tend to have often when taking the MTA train around or just at my local shops.

Life is a funny thing. Really, it is. Take a back seat for once and just look at how ridiculous everything is or was. What you once thought you knew so confidently is now complete and utter bull-crap. Try taking a look at things at a different perspective, challenge yourself. That's what I at least try to do.

As people, it's natural to find flaws in things, blame things, find excuses for happenings or behavior. What happens when those things are suddenly taken away or are no longer there for a trade for something else you want? What eventually happens? You will experience some things you don't like about that either. However, depending on your perspective you can be pessimistic again or you will start to deny and ignore it to keep consistent with your cognition of getting what you wanted (or so you thought you did).

There is good and bad in everyone, in everything, in every opportunity or situation. It can be hard and conflicting sometimes but as long as you try to make the best of it, and truly understand yourself and all your abilities as well as how to strengthen yourself in the process. It doesn't matter where you are, in what situation, or what you're doing. You can do anything you set your mind to and that itself is very powerful.

First things first, got to take care of ones self to work to your full potential.

1) Getting on a routine/schedule (I don't mean just brushing your teeth)

Sleep on time/get fixed amount of hours a night. (Or if you are a nap person like me, make sure your nap cycles are on schedule and remember each cycle is different for each individual)

2) Getting some exercise.

If you are someone who isn't a fan of going to the gym. Getting some cardio or strength in isn't just good for the body but the mind as well. You will have more clarity and energy this way to get you through your routines and day. Start with something small like 20 crunches, squats, whatever you prefer a day then add on another set when you feel like it's getting too easy.

3) Eat Well and Clean

I get the whole treat-yo-self thing, but depending on the individual and how much discipline you have. I see this can be a trap sometimes to be an excuse to make a bad food choice. Fruit can be a healthy treat too (guilty of being addicted to green grapes and bananas) No matter what your craving I guarantee you there is a healthier choice and although it may not seem like what you want. If you make yourself a priority I guarantee you won't regret it when you start feeling the results mentally and physically.

4) Try something new, even if you fail, try something else.

WE CAN ALL AGREE, motivation is hard to drive up there sometimes. Inspiration, which I once had so much of, has been hard to find. Sometimes taking a break that's probably mentally stimulating such as any hobby you may have. Drawing, singing, running, etc. Doing something you love that creates endorphins and helps your brain process better, and in the long run can switch on your energy and creativity faster than you think (as long as you are consistent).

5) Think positive, be innovated, apply your knowledge.

Don't forget what's important and be your own cheerleader!

I am claiming this New Year as the Year for innovation! May the Force be with us! (By the way, just saw StarWars Rogue One. Highly recommended to watch)

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