After experiencing anxiety for about four years, it was finally time to get some type of help. I decided to go to the doctor and get some medication for it because that seemed like the only thing that would actually help. Lo and behold, it helped calm the everyday anxiety that I experience. This is for those who might wonder what changes come with taking medication and if it seems like a choice they want to make.

When I first started the medication, I didn't think I would feel its effects. I couldn't have been more wrong. I started feeling less anxious shortly after I started taking it, but after one month I felt the full effects of this medicine kick in. I noticed that my stomach doesn't always feel like it's in a knot and I have significantly more energy than usual. It also feels as if my thoughts that usually race have slowed down so that I can keep up with them. Anxiety attacks are starting to occur in logical situations rather than minor and illogical situations or reasoning. Since my anxiety has been decreasing, it has been easier to realize that I am just a normal person doing normal things. This realization makes it much easier to talk to new people and go to new places that would otherwise be a terrifying thought. Stress is also much easier to manage as it doesn't feel like everything is collapsing around me when there is a lot on my plate. My sleepless nights turned into restful, full night slumbers and my ill mornings turned into normal sleepy mornings. The difference between going from anxiety-ridden to average anxiety levels is astounding. It feels as if I'm a whole new person who is able to relax and think about scenarios logically.

Every day I am thankful that I found something to help me with my anxiety and I encourage others to seek out options that may best help them. The difference between being treated and going untreated are two completely different worlds. It's totally worth a shot.