Halloween is the one day in the whole year that you can be whatever your heart desires. People never cease to amaze me with how unbelievably creative and clever they are. A doctor, a scientist, a bunny, a pumpkin; the possibilities are limitless. Boundaries are pushed but sometimes they are pushed too far, especially for women's costumes. I've seen, online and in person, some of the most offensive, strange, and disgusting costumes that should have never been made. Here is a complication of some of the cringe-worthy women's Halloween costumes.

1. "Sexy Sesame Street."

2. "Anna Rexia."

3. "Sexy Harambe."

4. "Sexy Osama Bin Laden."

5. "Navahoe."

6. "Sexy Shrek."

7. "Sexy Fruit."

8. "Sexy Minion."

9. "Sexy Cry Baby."

10. "Sexy Olaf."

11. "Sexy Cecil The Lion."

These costumes sexualize people, animals, and issues that should never ever be seen as sexy. There are three bigs reasons we need to stop the hypersexualization of women's costumes:

1. The costumes dehumanize women and teach young girls that their worth is in their bodies.

2. These costumes are offensive and insensitive to certain people, cultures, races and communities.

3. These costumes are cringe-worthy and distract from the real spirit of Halloween; to be whatever you want to be, not just "sexy."

If what you want to be for Halloween is 'sexy', then all the power to you, but just please do it a way that is respectful and tasteful.