5 Perks of Working at Morris Library During the Summer

5 Perks of Working at Morris Library During the Summer

Besides, of course, being in the air conditioning.


Morris Library is an ideal study spot during the school year, but I would argue it is even cooler working there. I would love to tell you that I'm having a boring little summer working in a cute little library. But that isn't the case.

There is a lot happening at Morris. For instance:

1. I get to work in an office.

A lot of college students I know get really excited about working in an office. It makes them feel grown up and important. I'm happy to report that I get to feel the same way! I answer phones (and get to say "Office of the Vice Provost of Libraries and Museums"- super official!) shred papers, file documents, and help students and staff who come into the office.

2. I work in a library, so of course, there are lots of books.

I've started memorizing where the shelves are that house my favorite authors, and on breaks, I walk laps between the shelves. Every day is like a scavenger hunt. As well, any time the office gets a bit slow or I want something to read, I have thousands of options right in the same building.

3. Bleecker Street is delish.

My lunch break is a great time to enjoy some quiet in the library, but, like anything, it all comes to a screeching halt if I forget to prepare, in this case by packing a lunch. The summer semester means the dining hall plan isn't available to me without taking classes. Luckily, Bleecker Street has awesome food. Whether I want a panini, a salad, a cup of soup, or just a snack, I can get it at the cafe, and the staff is always super nice.

4. I like all my co-workers.

I know that everyone says they like their co-workers, but I have to be honest. The employees all over Morris are super nice. Everyone has a smile on their face when they walk through, and since my office hosts a lot of meetings, I get to see a lot of people come through on a daily basis. At least once a day, I hear multiple people laughing loudly. People are cracking jokes and showing pictures of their families on their phone. People are interested in how my weekend went and how my studying is going (when it's the actual school year). I heard there is even an employee game night (I might need to investigate and see if I can bring some games from club to it).

5. There are lots of students around, even if they are working.

Even with the summer holiday, there are lots of students working in Morris in various departments. It's always fun seeing other students doing important work. There are normally a few students on every level of the library, so no matter what errands I run, I'm bound to run into someone who looks familiar or has a friendly smile and a Blue Hens t-shirt.

In my department, both students are named Abigail, and that's always entertaining to figure out which one of us they mean.

It also helps that in the year I have been working at my job I have met one of my best friends. Abby is always so happy to come into work, and she is doing so much cool stuff. She always wants to talk about what's been going on, and I couldn't imagine the office without her.

Some people aren't thrilled by the work they do, especially because it takes time out of their summer vacation. I couldn't have more pride for my job. It's perfect for an enthusiastic bookworm like me, with the quiet and professional atmosphere to make me feel like I am doing something significant.

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Abigail Hunter

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15 Signs You're A Full-Time Working Girl, 40 Hours A Week Or More

Forty hours a week really changes you.

Forty hour work weeks, 5 days, 8 hours per day. Full-time jobs require a lot of dedication and consume the majority of your time. I love my full-time internship, honestly. It's a lot of fun and I get to experience what it will be like when I grow up and work at a company. Here are some signs that you work full time.

1. You're always tired

Waking up at 6, being at work by 8 and not leaving until 5 can really make you exhausted. Waking up early kicks off your exhaustion while everything in between 8-5 can make you tired as well so by the end of the workday, you're ready for a nap. Except if you nap, then you won't sleep later and be even more tired the next day. Thank God for coffee.

2. Your body adjusts to waking up early

I don't seem to really sleep in anymore on the weekends. My body thinks I should be up early so I'm now waking up at 7 or 8. But hey I get to lay in bed until whenever I want so I don't mind too much.

3. Weekends become your summer

You try to squeeze your normal summer days into two days. Because they are the only days you have off, so you try to make the best of them.

4. Plan out your outfits

You tend to plan out your outfits every night because if you don't, you will be late to work. You can't just throw on any old shirt and shorts. You got to look good and professional.

5. Don't do anything during the week

You're dead after a day of work, so you dedicate your off time to resting and relaxation. You probably won't make major plans during the week.

6. "Sorry, I have to work."

This phrase is used a lot. If someone tries to plan something during the week: "Sorry, I have to work." Or if there's a late night party: "Sorry, I have to work [the next day]."

7. Love three day weekends

Three day weekends are a blessing from God. But the Friday before is an absolute killer and all you want to do is leave. Or the Monday after is even more worse than a normal Monday.


Fridays have a whole new meaning when you work full-time. You can have a successful day at work and then you're able to party hard because you don't have to work in the morning. They also are the day that people can easily leave early on because hey, it's Friday.

9. Friends on the weekend

You won't see your friends until the weekend most likely. And sometimes you want to see them all at once but it's tough when you have only two free days. So hopefully all your friends are able to hang out together so you can see them all.

10. Have more laundry

I basically wear two outfits a day. My work outfit and my after work outfit. And they both are washed differently so I have to do separate loads. It actually sucks.

11. Super good at keeping track of time

You're always looking at the clock and become very aware of what time it is. It's weird but sometimes helps you get through the day.

12. You're always hungry

I've noticed that I am absolutely starving by the time 11 am rolls around. Then, when I get home, I am starving for dinner. Not sure why or how because I sit at a desk all day and don't have any physical activity but I eat a lot.

13. You're going to be pale

If your full-time job is in the summer, there's no way you'll get your usual tan if you work inside. Tanning is only for the weekends now so soak up the sun.

14. You may spend a little bit more

You're making good money at this job, so why not spend a little extra on some things? But everyone is different, so others may not even change how they spend their money.

15. Hump day has a whole new meaning

Took me from the time I first saw that commerical to when I started my full-time job to realize Wednesday is hump day because you're over the hump of the week.

Cover Image Credit: Kelly Toncre

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6 Thoughts You Have While Battling A Summer Heat Wave

Sweat, sunscreen, sleep, repeat.


Everyone loves summer, but sometimes the heat can be a little much to handle. Lucky for us, burns fade and we do eventually stop sweating. That doesn't mean that we won't have some salty (and sweaty) thoughts running through our head in the meantime, though.

1. Am I getting sunburnt?


Sometimes in the peak heat of summer, it's hard to tell whether it's your internal body temperature that's rising or if you're just beginning to experience second-degree burns on every inch of exposed skin. Better hope you have that SPF in tow!

2. I have never appreciated anything more than A/C right now.


When you realize some people don't have air conditioning, or if you are one of the unlucky ones yourself, it's funny how quickly you can appreciate places like your local Target for keeping things nice and cool.

3. Is that person really on a run right now?


Even if you enjoy running yourself, we all know that 95 degrees and 89% humidity do not make for ideal running conditions. Arguably this should be considered a form of self-torture.

4. Clearly I need at least six iced coffees.


The heat certainly doesn't mean that us coffee addicts have to suffer without. We just turn to the iced version of our life juice, and justify letting ourselves have more than we probably should by thinking that our coffee is now not only keeping us energized, but also hydrated and cool! Some may argue that water would be a better alternative, but true coffee addicts will go ahead and pour that 4th cup of cold brew at 3 p.m.

5. Will I ever stop sweating?


Perhaps everyone's biggest pet peeve about the heat. You make an attempt to actually enjoy the heat by getting outside, maybe hanging out near a lake or the ocean. But what do you get in return? A total volume of sweat that is probably comparable to that body of water you're sitting by.

6. I almost wish it was winter again. Almost.


When the summer heat is relentless and your shoulders won't stop peeling, sometimes you wish you could be walking around in your favorite flannel and wool mittens without breaking a sweat. But then you apply another layer of aloe and remember how thankful you are to not have to get pelted in the face with freezing rain anytime soon.

Cover Image Credit:

Darby Peter

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