5 Ways To Wake Up Killin' It Every Morning
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5 Ways To Wake Up Killin' It Every Morning

Tricks And Tips To Start Your Day Feeling Fabulous

5 Ways To Wake Up Killin' It Every Morning
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Mornings suck. There’s really no way of getting around them. No matter how hard you try to stop mornings, they always seem to find their way to you… everyday, right on schedule. You wake up exhausted, cold and depressed, and in this moment, the idea of staying in your bed forever starts to sound completely rational. The distance between your bed and the door is at least a mile and you’re fairly positive that if you attempt to cross the frozen tundra that is your bedroom, you will actually die. You’re cranky and probably look like you just crawled out of the forest. The last thing you want to do is get up and be a real person.

But, what if I told you there is hope? Hope of a morning that doesn’t suck so much. A morning you can look forward to. A morning worth getting up for. Well, over the years, I have dealt with my fair share of mornings and have managed to find a few ways to make the beginning of the day a lot less painful and even a little bit fun!

Here are 5 ways to wake up killin’ it every morning…

1. Pick a catchy, upbeat song for your alarm.

It will help ease you into your morning and put yourself in a good mood from the start. Choose a song that makes you feel happy or inspired, one you wouldn’t mind listening to every morning. Try using songs that build rather than ones that start out blasting. My personal favorite for this - the song from the opening credits of “Frozen.” Nothing gets you going in the morning like a good Disney tune.


Tip: Take caution when using your all-time favorite song. While this may seem like a good idea, combining your favorite song with the horror of waking up in the morning can instill feelings of resent toward said song. Trust me, I speak from experience.

2. Eat breakfast.

Breakfast is key. This goes for you, breakfast skippers. This doesn’t have to be an extravagant meal of pancakes, bacon and eggs, but a little something to eat in the morning can make a world of difference. In a hurry? Grab a quick bagel or yogurt on your way out. Studies show that eating breakfast can help maintain a healthy body weight, provide you with the energy and nutrients to help you avoid a mid-morning slump and help improve cognitive function throughout the day. An added bonus, breakfast is delicious. It’s a win-win!

Tip: If you're a coffee drinker like me, try making a pot of coffee first thing when you wake up. The insatiable aroma of coffee brewing while you're getting ready will be enough to motivate you through your morning!


3. Make your bed.

This is something we often overlook, but it is an instantaneous way to feel put together and productive before even stepping foot out the door. Making your bed gives the appearance that your room is tidy, and coming home after a long day to a clean and made bed is a wonderful thing.

Tip: If you're in a hurry, don’t bother with making the sheets, because honestly, they will probably end up at the bottom of your bed again tonight anyways. Just pull your comforter over, throw on your pillows and, voila! Your bed looks made.

4. Put effort into your outfit.

This might not seem important at the time, but the outfit you choose in the morning is what you will be wearing all day, and chances are, if you throw on some sweats that are baggy and frumpy, you are going to feel baggy and frumpy. I find that days I leave the house in an outfit I feel and look good in, I’m more confident and in an overall better mood throughout the day.

5. Most importantly, have a positive attitude.

Wake up open-minded and optimistic each morning because each new day is a chance to start fresh. You never know what it may have in store for you!

You have the power to make your morning whatever you want it to be, so make it one you want to wake up for. The only way to make sure that your day is a good one is to let yourself believe that it can be. So approach each morning, no matter how treacherous the task of getting out of bed may seem, with a newly instilled sense of positivity. Using some or all of these tips will give you a reason to get excited about your morning and leave you feeling refreshed, fabulous and ready to begin your day.

You have the tools to rock your morning, now go out there and own your day, because you DID wake up like this!

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