No More Tears Over You

No more tears over you
I'm tired of crying over you
This time I'm really done with you
There's no more "forgive and forgets" left here for you
My life has been going down since I've been with you
I'm not saying it's completely you
The blame is on me too
But I am saying when I'm with you, I tend to lose me
My life becomes all about you and then what do you do?

You go and hurt me
Then come back with baby, I'm sorry
And like a fool, I take you right back
It's always great for awhile then you flip right back
Then I fall right back, smack in the middle of darkness
While trying my hardest, to adjust to mistrust in the name of love
Then I just end up, smoked up
Like the pre-rolled up, I closed up
Just before I started writing about this kiss
of sin you put on my chin

I can't begin to express the feelings within
When I go in on you
Maybe that's why I keep getting rolled up
And smoked up like this pre-rolled up
I filled up with this super haze
Because it puts me in a daze
While making my soul raise
Beyond the sun rays
Seeping through the clouds on a rainy day

But this time I see the sun
And it's not you, it's me, I finally won
The battle of you vs me, you weren't loyal to me
But I am to myself, so I need no one else
And with that, your bags are packed and stacked
Waiting for you out back

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