Montreal Bans Pit Bull Breed

As everyone knows, the way animals act are often a reflection of how they are treated. However, there are some breeds with stigmas that seem to never go away; Pit Bulls are known for being a mean and aggressive kind of dog that attacks whenever it feels. Pit Bulls do no attack unless they are taught to attack or genuinely feel threatened, just as any dog would. Just like a baby does not learn to speak unless taught to speak.

As of Tuesday September 25th, the final vote 37-23 in favor, the state of Montreal has decided that banning Pit Bulls and any Pit Bull type breed is the choice they have to make in order to "make sure everyone feels safe." This is the drastic outcome to a four month old case of a Montreal women who lost her life being attacked by a dog. The dog was identified as a Pit Bull, but the police now say they are waiting on DNA test results. Without even knowing the DNA results, or considering that any breed of dog could have reacted the way this one did, Montreal placed this ban on the breed and declared that all dogs within the breed have to be euthanized. Theses new rules will come into effect on October 3rd.

This news has been heard everywhere and many of the people who are not in favor of the ruling, or those who own a Pit breed, are fleeing Montreal, while others are being forced to give up their dogs. If they do not give up their beloved pet, it will be euthanized. There will be thousands of dogs that will have to die a meaningless death because of this law. They are not just taking away a dog, but a family member.

A Pit Bull is not the only breed of dog that can be mean and aggressive, any breed of dog can snap and attack, it depends on the way that dog is treated, trained, and raised. If a dog is taught to fight, like many Pit Bulls were/are, then that is what they are going to do. If they are taught to be obedient, then they will abide. It is not okay to treat the Pit Bull breed differently than any other breed because of a bad reputation that was not their fault.

I am sure that Montreal could have found a different solution. How about making a law that protects the dogs from pointless euthanasia? Or a law that does background checks on people before they are allowed to own a dog to prevent abusive treatment? Or just something way less drastic than banning and killing an entire breed, disrupting so many people's lives. Hopefully Montreal realizes that this ruling is not justified and will adjust the law.

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