According to the world, money buys happiness and if you surround yourself with 'things' then you will be happy. I don't buy into this logic. No amount of money or possessions can make a person happy. Doing things that make you happy and feel fulfilled are the key to happiness.

Money seems to cause more stress to people that I know. People worry about their finances more when they have more money. They tend to accumulate more bills by buying bigger homes and more expensive cars that aren't a necessity.

By buying nicer more expensive things people who have more money tend to accumulate more debt. People who have less money to work with buy the necessities and spend more of their time with what matters.

As a person who has worked as many hours as possible just to have a little extra spending money I can say it doesn't make me happier to have more pocket cash. I am happier when I have a little less money but more time to spend with my friends, family, cat, and significant other.

The people in life that we care about can't be bought with money. They can only be bought with our precious time. People should value their loved ones higher than money. You can make more money, but you can never make more time.

Time can be invested in different ways and it's up to each person to budget their time. Personally, I have always budgeted more time to working instead of budgeting my time to do things that make me happy and feel like I have a purpose.

My new goal is to budget more of my time to people, projects and activities that put me towards my life aspirations. I challenge you all to consider is money making you happy or should you reconsider where you put your time and efforts.