Monday Motivation: Spring Quarter Edition

In just a few short days, you are guaranteed to be seeing Justin Timberlake's classic "It's Gonna Be May" meme take over most of your social media platforms. For most college students, May is a month filled with stress relief and summer sun - that is, unless your college is on the quarter system. Though there are many benefits to studying on the quarter system, such as starting school in September, it naturally has its downfalls. As much as I love a six-week intercession smack in the middle of the school year, believe me when I say that it does not constitute finishing school in the middle of June. As you can likely imagine, I would rather be doing anything else instead of sitting in a classroom in the summer heat while all of my friends are at the beach.

If you're finding yourself struggling to finish out spring quarter on a strong note, my greatest piece of advice is to keep the morale high. Yes, we realize you're probably the last of your friends to finish school, but that is not to say the late departure will have any adverse effects on your summer plans. Though June is still a rough six weeks away, you will have completed the quarter just in time for festival season. At this time, look forward to the spontaneous road trips, warm weather and all of the unforgettable memories you are bound to make this coming summer. By maintaining your focus and using all you are looking forward to in attempts to heighten your motivation, these weeks will pass faster than you can imagine. Soon enough, you'll be somewhere warm sipping a daquiri.

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