To The Mom Who Never Gets Enough Credit

To The Mom Who Never Gets Enough Credit

Mom, I am here to say thank you for all that you do every day for our family.

Moms are superheroes in disguise and they hardly ever get the proper amount of recognition for all that they do. So, mom, I am here to say thank you for all that you do every day for our family, you are truly an incredible and remarkable woman.

Somehow you wake up every morning before we are awake so you can make sure we have everything we need for the day and to give us a hug and a kiss and tell us that you love us. I mean I really am old enough now to where you don't need to wake up before me every morning, but I'm not going to lie, I really love getting a hug from you before I start my day. And I know for a fact that when we were younger, getting us dressed, fed and out the door was a heroic act in itself.

You do so much for our family and you never complain, because you're inherently selfless, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be appreciated and recognized for all that you do. From the minute you wake up to the minute you go to sleep, pretty much everything you do during the day is for us. Whether it's getting us dress, changing a dirty diaper, making our food, helping us with homework or driving us all over God's green earth; somehow you get it all done with a smile on your face. I don't know how you have the patience but bless you.

You know the saying "moms know best"? Well as I've gotten older, I know that statement is true. A mother's intuition is incredible, you can literally read our minds without us having to say anything. And you have the maternal instinct that you can feel something is about to happen to us even if we are 100 miles away. It's kinda creepy but awesome at the same time. You also give the best advice and always offer a listening ear whenever we may need it, which is one of the most comforting things in the world.

You're also like a ninja multitasker and can get so much done at once like it's no big deal. Hopefully one day I'll acquire that skill because right now I still can't even pat my head and rub my tummy at the same time.

Mom, perhaps the most wonderful thing about you is your beautiful heart. You don't get told enough how beautiful you are inside & out. You love so intently and care so deeply for our family, and that love radiates within our home to make it the most comforting and safe place in the world. You sacrifice a lot for our family and I wouldn't have had the amazing life I've had if it weren't for your constant support, guidance, and encouragement if it hadn't been for you. You are the type of woman who would take the shirt off your back for a complete stranger, which is a woman rare and hard to find. You are so brave to have taken on the role of being a mother and I am so grateful that you are mine.

Thank you for being a woman to look up to and being the woman I aspire to become. Thank you for sacrificing so much for us and always putting us first, you didn't need to do that. Thank you for always being there for a hug or an "I love you". Thank you for being the most phenomenal mom in the world, there is no one else quite as special as you.

I love you mom.

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PSA, Parents, School Is Burning Out Your Kids, So It’s Time To Do YOUR Homework

With such a terrible system, things need to be taken into parental hands.


Student exhaustion. Not sleep deprivation, exhaustion — built from multiple losses of sleep in the night — is a fairly prominent issue facing society.

I guess the better way to put it is- you know there's a problem when nearly 20% of teens every day are falling asleep on cold, hard desks.

As it turns out, teenagers need around nine hours of sleep a night. With schools starting on average at 8 a.m. every day, students must wake up earlier. In order to prep for the commute, take a bath, dress up, eat a solid breakfast and drive down to the school (before the bell) — we are talking wakeups that could fairly easily hit the 5-6 a.m. benchmark. Nine hours in, that means that the time to go to bed needed is 9 p.m.

You read that correctly. 9 p.m.

Keep in mind that teenagers usually can't sleep well before 11 p.m. thanks to a couple of hormonal changes in what I like to call the Circadian Rhythm. Why are teens waking up so early? The answer is simple. Moolah. Money. The big bucks.

Or more precisely, saving it by using only one bus for a group of students, rather than three, forcing high schoolers to wake up first and elementary students last.

You know, the group of kids that actually do wake up earlier in the morning.

Of course — as usual with our education system — there's more to this dish than just the salt. More classrooms are offering AP classes now, which means more homework. Some kids will have clubs to run through as well, as well as being able to maintain their bodies through a sport or exercise.

Coming home and then having to do homework for the rest of the day means that they don't get much of a mental break to recollect themselves, run more on less sleep and, inevitably, begin to burn fuse full of pure exhaustion developed by a worn out brain that hasn't had the proper time to develop itself. All without decent mental breaks to help recover them in the process.

Let's also keep in mind that somehow we should have to get kids ready to be responsible when they leave school. And literally halting their development in the name of saving money doesn't really do that. Pair that with our broken education system and there is only one thing left to say.

We're leaving our kids fused out.

Shackling them in chains of broken tests. Chaining them to the gravity of the chair for hours upon hours, telling them what to think instead of how to think, fueling them with the idea that they have to break down to win and devilishly distorting the way that nature has wanted us to think.

We are leaving them bent to break, with no return for them other than a diploma folding them in lifelong debt.

We are teaching them ideas of life that are not true. That creation and innovation are not nearly as useful as an A. That you need permission form others to go ahead. That another will think for you and follow their rules.

In the name of money for the institution, without the benefits it has promised for the American people — wealth.

The education system isn't a system. It's a delusional path of rocks that eventually hurl the broken feet of those walking into a swimming pool without teaching kids how to swim, but how to get to the next rock.

So the truth is very blunt. A parental society that focuses on optimizing the child for such a blasphemous system of treachery is just as responsible as the society governing it. Kid's shouldn't be tired to the bone when they wake up for school. They shouldn't be throwing up useless information.

They shouldn't be thinking linearly. That's definitely a path, but a path to self-destruction.

So it's time to take it into your own hands. Begin teaching your kids the life skills they truly will need. How to think. How to reach out and talk to people. How to invest time and money. How to build character for success.

It's time that we teach our children to be healthy adults, not college graduates. There can be a big difference between the two.

So, parents, it's time to do your homework.

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