5 D.I.Y. Gothic Home Decor Ideas
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5 D.I.Y. Gothic Home Decor Ideas

Mixing creep with class

5 D.I.Y. Gothic Home Decor Ideas
A. Michelle Smith

No matter if you are into Renaissance style or have an uncanny obsession with horror and Halloween, it may be worth your while to experiment with adding some macabre elements into your home. Personally, I find strange and creepy things to be oddly cheery in that they bring balance to my space. My hope is that maybe they can do the same for you! So, without further ado, here's a few projects from the dark side!

1. You can't spell goth without candelabra...

'Candelabra' is the plural word for a 'candelabrum' and both are really just fancy names for a branched candlestick that holds several candles. There are a couple of crafty ways to create dark and creepy candlesticks. One way is to purchase any branched candelabra that you love and then spray paint it black and add dark candles and maybe some chained jewelry to give it that elegant touch. Or, one of my favorite ways to achieve this design concept is to stock up on all different size glass bottles, (I used six mini wine bottles), spray paint them mat black and insert white candles. As the wax runs down, it starts to look really creepy and cool. Also, you could make your own eccentric labels for the bottles and attach them with spray glue - maybe, "Potion #9" or just a bunch of skulls.

2. Everyone knows dolls are creepy...

Without any added gore, vintage porcelain dolls are scary. You could pick some up at a thrift shop and sit them together on a shelf so that they can ominously stare at your guests or you could use a little elbow grease and remove their eyeballs for the sake of everyone's comfort. Either way, playing with dolls is a fun way to temporarily escape the pressures of reality and add Gothic charm to your home. Porcelain dolls are a good place to start, but I've also found Monster High dolls equally intriguing to repaint and redress. Most Mattel dolls are inexpensive so you don't have to worry about spending a fortune. The important thing is to be patient and find all the perfect tiny clothes and accessories - if a doll doesn't make you smile then it's not doing its job.

Here's a few photos of the Monster High Draculara doll repaints...

3. Goodwill and black spray paint are your friends...

Whether you are shopping specifically for old ornate frames or you happen to find something else to refurbish, there is likely always something to Goth-out at Goodwill that is budget friendly and old. A lot of us Goths like to surround ourselves with things that have history; an old chair, an animal skull, a shelf out of the Usher's crumbled house, whatever it is, it's better if it tells a rich story. Let yourself get lost in the thrift store, find things that you love and that interest you, and to make them even better, paint them black.

4. Fabrics and fauxs...

In my bedroom I have black PVC faux leather curtains, a black wool rug, black bedding, and a giant black canopy. Oh, and there's that giant black goat and rabbit fur bat that I got at a gift shop, among some other black things. You may be thinking that my room looks like a gloomy cave where I go to cry off my eyeliner, but it's actually comfortable. The walls are a cheery bright mint blue and pair well as a balance against the dark elements. There is high contrast and I love it. If the room were to be all black, I'm certain it may be mildly depressing, but against light color walls it's easy to get away with dark fabrics. When you have a lot of black fabrics, playing with the textures to add interest is also a great and fun idea. Try different ones to see what you like best; velvet, faux leather, lace, or satin (from a coffin?) all of which are gorgeously dark and lush.

5. ... And flowers.

Alive or dead, flowers are delicate and beautiful. Their scent floating in the air conjures up a relaxed atmosphere and promotes serenity in the home. All you have to do it simply tie together a bundle of wilting flowers and hang them upside down to give them a new life after death on your wall. Flowers hold onto their sentiment for as long as you have them. If they come to you from a place of love and joy, they are even better to hold on to.

Also, dried herbs are useful in witchcraft, just saying...

I hope you've enjoyed this article! Please like, share, and subscribe! <3, Michelle

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