1. Blonde Massacre

She lives in a mansion on the hill with all the means of the world at her disposal, but she can never seem to find a way to grow on her own. All that ever grows is the pit inside of her that seems to be growing into a tree with green dollar-laden leaves. Her life kept moving in disastrous directions. She ended up alone, her elegant blonde hair that once marked her family resemblance tinged with the blood of all those who got in the way of that pit inside of her that grows every day.

2. Singing Queen

His tongue darts out from his lips as he mouths all the right lines, but he no longer feels the music down to his bones like he used to. He used to be a part of the music and the music made him into a better person, but like all good things the songs just began to fade away from him as time passed. Not only had he lost his voice, but with it he had lost a fragment of his soul. The piece of him that was captured by music was no longer alight in his soul anymore. He was losing the music all together because he was no longer a part of it, he could not make those beautiful and melodious sounds anymore that come so naturally to so many others. He became a cynic in a world already devoid of hope and it crushed him every day that he no longer have a voice to make the words come alive, to make the words mean something more.

3. Modern Gypsy

She was never the type of girl who would be able to end up alone and be happy. She made all the wrong decisions and dated all the wrong men. She was lost and so she traveled, wandering aimlessly. She searched for him day in and day out, but she never found him. She traveled to every continent searching for love on every face she met. Every defined cheekbone and freckled face that she came across reminded her that she was alone and would seemingly die alone. Behind the black frames of her glasses, her vision seemed to be blurred because she could see no one worth loving. No one ever seemed to be able to lift that blurriness from her vision and as a result, she wandered a whole lifetime searching for it- love. Perhaps, she should have removed her glasses and learned to live with a little bit of blurriness, sprinkled in with a lot of happiness.

4. Delicate Bird

She was always so delicate as a child and it transcended into her adulthood. She had these soft features, tiny freckles, and fragile limbs. It wasn't that she was fragile looking it was just that she was smooth and thin. Everyone felt a connection to her upon meeting her and they fell in love with her look as well. She was one of the most alluring faces in the world and no one could ever say that she was ugly. She was holding a secret inside though that was uglier than any creature the world has known. It was trapped in her heart, locked in there by all the shame and pain of her past. She carried it with her even though she could no longer carry what any female should be able to carry. When the delicate bird's hatchling fell out of the nest, she did not despair, she just locked that shame up in-between the four valves of her heart like a cage. She tried to spread her wings and fly again, but she could not.