Minimalist College Packing List
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Student Life

Minimalist College Packing List

Taking the essentials over the expendables.

Minimalist College Packing List

Whether you live and breathe the minimalist lifestyle or find yourself opting towards it, for convenience sake, packing light and sticking to the essentials is a great option for all college bound students. Spare your money by avoiding cheap and tacky dorm accessories that you are bound to throw out at the end of the year. Instead, invest in classic and timeless pieces that you can transition into your future apartment or house after college. If your university is close to your hometown, consider only bringing the current season's wardrobe to school and switching this as the seasons change while on weekend trips or holidays back home. You will have more clutter free space. Packing with a minimalist mentality is perfect for anyone who wants a clean, organized and functional living space. It's all about being mindful of packing the essentials and not the expendables. Below is my example of a minimalist college packing list.

1. Comforter or Duvet

Stick with neutral colored options that you can keep past college and buy in a bigger size (Full or Queen) so it can cover anything you keep under your bed. Buying bigger sizes also makes for an easier transition after college. You can also buy a bed-in-a-bag and kill two birds with one stone by getting both the comforter and the sheets all at.

2. Sheets and Pillows

Two sets of sheets and two pillows are all you need.

3. Microwave and Mini-fridge

Coordinate with your roommate. I suggest renting the mini-fridge because you probably won't use it after college. And unless you have a sink in the room, use paper plates and plastic flatware.

4. Desk lamp

The overhead lighting in most dorms is terrible so invest in a good lamp that you can use for many years to come.

5. Fan

Some dorms don't have air conditioning which is difficult for someone, like myself, who is from a hot place and is used to it. So, get yourself a desk or tower fan. You will need this.

6. Toiletries

Toothbrush, toothpaste, medicine, shampoo, conditioner and body wash etc. You can purchase all of these once you get to school and you'll save suitcase space.

7. Clothing

Only take clothes you actually wear and purge the rest. Be mindful of the climate you are entering. For instance, you probably won't need to bring a parka to a college in California.

8. School Supplies

Backpack, an agenda/planner, notebooks, pens etc. You can purchase most of these when you move in. Consider purchasing a printer as well if there isn't one close to your dorm.

9. Electronics

Computer, phone, chargers (including a portable charger), and surge protectors.

10. Cleaning Supplies

Vacuum, detergent, laundry bag, steamer or iron, etc.

Feeling like this is too minimalist for your taste? Try the ultimate, most detailed college essentials list.

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