Having thoughts of a "perfect," movie-like or a romance novel kind of relationship does not do anything. You need some firm intention to make things happen. Honestly speaking, I do not believe in such perfection, but I think we should at least try to do what makes us happy. Wherever you are in your relationship, you may want to take it to the next level. Maybe fix whatever needs to be fixed, or get to know each other better. Here, the key is mindfulness communication.

The practice of mindfulness has been unveiled to result in higher relationship fulfillment, better acknowledgment, and closer connections. Mindfulness is a mental state accomplished by concentrating one's awareness on the present instant, while smoothly acknowledging and accepting one's thoughts and feelings. When it comes to communication in a relationship, it alludes to dealing with what your partner is indicating sensitivity to the specific situation, or even just saying alongside being able to comprehend things in different ways.

Since we get influenced by many things in the age of advanced artificially intelligent technology, someone has to practice mindfulness, either you or your partner. It is not about compromising it, but about understanding it. After all, you both care about each other. Mindfulness is all about being dynamic and at the time whether, you are conveying meaning or not. Here are three reasons why mindfulness is important in relationships.

1. Higher relationship fulfillment

In most cases, all the vows and promises start dispersing as people get older. It is common but not so common if you do not let it be. After being in a relationship for a long time, people often tend to take their loved ones for granted and get busy with their stuff (ex. work). Your predictions and desired may seem elusive. However, a practice of mindfulness can help you to make it feasible. Also, often thinking about your communication choices can indeed help you to achieve an elusive task. By having intentional behaviors like being caring, being consistent, listening, and being open while interacting with your partner, can get you the higher relationship fulfillment.

2. Appreciation of your partner

Who does not like appreciation? Everyone loves it. Recognizing and appreciating one's unique quality shows your caring nature and interest in them. As the years pass by and as you get more comfortable with each other, unconsciously, some words and things that you used to say become assumptions. Sometimes, you have to say it out loud. If you practice understanding while expressing compassion and grace, your partner will admire your effort with appreciation.

3. More moments of closeness

A practice of mindfulness will also help you to focus on intentional behaviors like openness, respect, trust, and loyalty, which are crucial components of a happy, healthy enduring relationship. Because without trust, there isn't real bonding. Naturally, when you trust someone, and they respect you, you feel more welcoming and show openness which is the way to closeness. In fact, an enduring relationship without the moments of closeness with respect and understanding seems unachievable.

Indeed, mindfulness communication will get you closer to your ambition of an enhanced relationship. However, not every relationship needs some improvements. It is up to you. Also, one can have mindfulness communication with anyone, which includes a family member or friend. See you next week!