Michael Richard Pence is an American politician, the Governor of Indiana. A few days ago, he was announced at the Republic National Convention to be the Republican Party nominee for Vice President of the United States. It’s an odd combination, Mike Pence as running mate with Donald Trump. Pence is a religious conservative and law maker. Between Trump and Pence, political characteristics and motives are in complete opposition.

Pence's political background is an intriguing one. Pence was actually part of the Democratic Party before switching sides. He embraces Evangelical Christianity, even though he was born and raised with Catholic roots. His Evangelical Christianity is the driving force of his political agenda, even though our government is supposed to separate between church and state.

In Indiana, he is trying to deny federal funds to Planned Parenthood and make religious conservatives to refuse gay couples service upon entering their businesses. During Nov. 2015, Pence opposed the Syrian refugee crisis, denying a family the opportunity to resettle in Indiana, as it affects the “Hoosiers Hospitality” reputation.

At the RNC, during Donald Trump’s speech for accepting the Republican presidential candidacy, Trump spoke how terrorists targeted the LGBTQ community and addressing the victims as "wonderful Americans." Despite Trump’s inaccurate statements about targeted victims in Orlando (the FBI has found no evidence terrorists targeted the gay nightclub), does it not portray the opposite political perspective of Pence?

There's more contradiction between the Republican tag-team. According to NPR, Pence told PBS NewsHour that the United States will defend the North Atlantic Treaty Organization [NATO]. Trump told the New York Times that they cannot properly compensate costs for military support to allied countries.

It seems as though Trump selecting Pence will create leverage to draw out the religious vote, since Trump’s personality is well-known to be offensive and controversial. Pence focuses on cultural issues and seeks traditional American values, which plays as a gamble for Trump.

Pence's views on abortion, gay rights and immigration are key factors that can affect the political agenda for the next presidential term. His opportunity as vice president can lead to extreme conditions due to the current modernization of diversity that has been evolving in the United States.

If Trump succeeds in the upcoming election, it will be incredibly disturbing.Having this VP candidate with extreme religious beliefs can lead to downfall for Trump with the possibility of obtaining unpopular votes or attraction. The direction of the Republican Party is leading the United States into absurdness .A business mogul and an Evangelist have the possibility of being this nation’s leaders.