Studying For Midterms Is Rough

Everyone knows that you have to take midterms pretty much always. Sure, sometimes you get that one professor that doesn't do midterms, but you can't avoid them forever. At some point, you just have to take them. Whether you space out your studying over a week or two and leisurely memorize terms or write essays each day or if you're like me and you study everything in one long day, you know that midterms suck *almost* as much as finals. So, to help you get through this rough time here's a list of relatable feels for midterm week accompanied by some pretty funny memes, if I do say so myself.

1. Procrastinating like there's no tomorrow


Just one more Netflix episode. Just one more slice of pizza. Yah, I've been there, too.

2. Feeling overwhelmed AF but STILL not doing any work


You're so overwhelmed by everything you have to do that you can't even start. Plus Netflix just added that new show... There's no shame. We've all done that.

3. Very hesitantly starting your work and feeling MORE overwhelmed


So, you finally started doing your work, but there's so much!

4. You're studying (Good job!) 

You got into your groove, and you're making your way through those flashcards or reading in your textbook. You're feeling better.

5. It's the night before the exam and you're scared as hell


Do you know the information? Is the professor going to put things on the exam that you haven't studied? What if you fail? What will happen to your career? Trust me, we all know what it's like. Midterms, man.

6. Feeling an insane amount of nervousness the morning before

You studied really hard, but you're so nervous.

7. Getting to the test and feeling that wave of determination and relief

You studied hard. You know you can do it. Congrats! The hard part is over!

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